4 Misconceptions Of Vibrational Manifestation

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Let’s talk about expectations.
Manifestation is the creation of your desires that shows up in your vibration.
The Universe reads these cues and delivers to you what you’re asking for.
So, let’s say you want $1,000,000.
Perfect. Now, YOU have to be an energetic MATCH for $1,000,000.
If you’re not a match for it you won’t be able to receive it. When this happens you might even go into the “see, it didn’t work” energy.
Take a step back.
What you’re NOT seeing are all the little bread crumb trails the Universe is SENDING you – as a means to get you into the vibration that SETS YOU UP for receiving $1,000,000.
Let’s break it down.
ASK: $1,000,000
The Universe sends you…
Although you may not perceive this as being a part of the $1,000,000 you asked for- it’s actually EXACTLY what you need in order to set yourself up to receive the $1,000,000.
These new ideas may be program ideas or alignment ideas are the bread crumbs that will help you along your $1,000,000 path.
They maybe new money makers or lead you to connections that will help you develop something that will get you closer to your goal.
You’re asking for $1,000,000 but what happens if you’re moving in the opposite direction of what you’re asking for?
Then the Universe/HigherSelf will REDIRECT you and shut the door that doesn’t line up with your $1,000,000 desire.
This piece may appear to you as rejection when you may have perceived this new opportunity as the way to reach your goals – but spirit knows better.
Spirit knows EXACTLY where you need to go in order to reach your desire – so instead of perceiving it from rejection and give up – take the stance of “something better is coming.”
Remember: Rejection is Spirit’s/God’s protection.
Although many people do not perceive this as successful manifestation, in truth it’s EXACTLY what you need.
How can you receive $1,000,000 if you aren’t even an energetic match for $5.00?
This primes your energy to start PRACTICING how to receive. Receiving discounts and coupons teaches you how to line up and open to receive.
So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Be Grateful and know that you’re getting aligned for the big one!
The second benefit to this is that it helps you identify that you have the POWER to manifest and RECEIVE what you’re asking for.
Then by showing GRATITUDE – you open your energy of FLOW for even more.
This seems counterproductive when it comes to manifesting doesn’t it?
Go out and play, get a massage, have lunch with friends, go shopping etc… They appear like nonsensical activities – but in truth what the Universe is telling you -is to RELAX.
You see extreme focused energy on things that you WANT slows down the process of manifestation, can create blocks and puts you in the zone of LACK.
If you’re constantly focuses on what you DON’T HAVE then the Universe will send you more of THAT.
Because that vibration is prominent in your frequency. It’s radiating higher than your BELIEF that $1,000,000 is on the way.
If you’re being guided to TAKE ACTION – then don’t delay.
Inspired action has been given to you so you can reach your goals.
If it feels good and high vibe – then get on it!
…but taking action for the sake of taking action is a pushing energy.
Pushing energy creates blocks and slows down manifestation.
So tune in, get aligned and take action when it feels good and when you’re guided to do so.
So today, as you write out your manifestations and goals be on the look out for WHAT IS COMING YOUR WAY instead of how it’s not working out for you….
Be Grateful what shows up and ask for more.
Follow the breadcrumbs toward your greatest desires.
Sometimes, you have a couple of more steps you have to take before you can line up with the outcome of what you want.
So follow the trail.
It might seem as you’re taking 2 steps back – but what you’re really doing is setting your mindset and energy up for the big goal!
Manifest on!
Elizabeth xx

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