Are You Hitting Your Head On Your Money Ceiling?

There is such a thing as a money ceiling and it came up today in our Manifesting Aligned Vibes Group on Facebook. <<— (which you should really be in.)
A money ceiling is a level in which you allow yourself to receive and then cut yourself off from more.
This is the reason why some people only make a certain amount of money each month or year and then it feels like all the wells dry up.
Money ceilings can be both energetic and mindset related. Meaning, they can be belief’s you’ve taken on from your experiences.
Ex. You’ve seen other people get into trouble after making a ton of money. So on some level you decide you’re not going to do that and you keep your money level at what feels comfortable.
They can be related to Soul contracts that you created before you got here to keep yourself “protected, safe and unfortunately poor.”
Ex. In a past life you were killed for being rich and decided that you weren’t going to do that again – so you keep yourself at a level that is “safe” where no one will kill you at.
Trying flipping the statements you tell yourself about your money and activate them like the ones below when you feel or sense yourself hitting the ceiling.
Copy of Handsome! (3)
You can change them up so they sound comfortable to you if the wording seems awkward.
Manifest on! ❤
Elizabeth xx

Mandala-gold-foil-trans-with-stroke (1)


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