The Trigger Is The Invitation – Boundaries


We run into this a lot around the holidays when the irritation in the air is high.
This year, with the energy on full blast – we can run into issues with setting boundaries with other people and other energies.
When the alignment between you and your essence is off and you’re triggers on are high – you’re in your ego and not flowing your own Source connection.
When your flow is unbalanced – you can feel drained, irritated and annoyed with people who only seem to take advantage of your kind nature.
This can leave you feeling a bit like a door mat and triggers you even more!
But here’s the deal.
👉   The TRIGGER is the invitation.
It INVITES you into a deeper conversation about your own alignment, your attachments and where you give that responsibility away to others.
When you honor and respect your own boundaries, are completely attached to only your energy and how you use and take responsibility for it….
Then you shift your magnetic field.
🤩  You take back your power.
🤩  You take back our control.
🤩  You take back your freedom.
There’s no need for anger, irritation or hurtful feelings. Use ALL OF IT as a means to take your vibration to the next level.
🌟Shine On Friends…. Shine on! 🌟


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