I’ve got your back!

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 2.34.22 PM.pngI was reminded today of the Universal Manager that watches over everything we create.

It knows exactly what we want and how to get it – and yet so often – we forget that it’s even there.

🌟Your Soul is trying to get your attention.

🌟Trying to tell you that you’ve got this.

🌟Trying to send you everything you’re asking for but…

How many of you are focusing on what’s not working instead of what is?

🌟Focusing on how bad you feel.

🌟Focusing on how you’re lacking this or that.

🌟Afraid to take the leap and do something risky.

🌟Afraid that what will come next will be worse than what you have?


– take the risk –

Focus your attention in a direction that supports you.

🌟Shift Your Focus to how you WANT to feel instead of how you’re feeling.

🌟Shift Your Focus to how you’re ABUNDANT instead of lacking.

🌟Shift Your Focus to how the risk will PAN OUT instead of holding yourself back.

🌟Shift Your Focus to how the next thing will be the RIGHT THING instead of staying stuck where you are.

Put your energy in motion.

Take the step forward.

…don’t look back.

No matter how you decide to move forward – know in the deepest part of your heart ❤ that…

The Universe Has Your Back!

🌟Today is the day – how are you going to make the shift so that you can move forward into more aligned vibes?🌟


Elizabeth xx


2 thoughts on “I’ve got your back!

  1. Elizabeth, you are amazing! I do forget that life is all about looking for the good and making it even better. Your reminder was so incredibly helpful to me today! Thank you! You are a blessing! Peace! Shelley

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