How To Be “Flowsome!”

Today is the day to rise above your challenges and move inward to create greater alignment that makes you “flowsome!”
Watch your thoughts and where you’re getting sucked into other people’s drama.
Be conscious of when you’re joining in on other people’s “OMG the energy…” posts on social media.
That will take you down the rabbit hole of discord🐰🐰🐰 and pull you out of your flowsomeness.
Your Soul doesn’t complain about such things nor will he/she join you in your or other people’s complaints.
The Soul is Flowsome at all times.
The discord of the current energy is there to help you release and to remind you of when you’re out of flowsomeness so you can correct it.
Only the ego benefits from your lack of Flowsomeness…
Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.12.33 AM
So today… find your Alignment – detach from other people’s drama and become…
Thinking it, however is not enough, you have to BE flowsome.
That means taking action.
🤩Watch your thoughts.
🤩Observe your energy.
🤩Allow for release.
🤩Go outside and walk
🤩Go outside and play
🤩Take a salt bath
So tell us…
How do you plan to be flowsome today?

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