You Are Already Deserving Of What You Desire!



As I gear up for today’s Awaken Your Inner Goddess session – the Ian’s came into remind us of this…

“All things begin with your intention. From there your Inner Goddess answers and brings them forth. It’s your job to find yourself in state of allowing which will help you manifest all that you desire.

👉👉👉 There is nothing you have to do, be or change into in order to receive. That in which you’ve requested already belongs to you.” The IAN’s

…and to quote a great movie FIELD OF DREAMS…

If you build it they will come.

In this case… if you allow it… it will come.

Don’t sit on the couch and hope it’ll come.

Get out of your own way.

Line up your energy and your mind with what you want.

Take the risk.

Put your energy in moition.

Believe in yourself.

“There is nothing MORE you have to DO or BE in order to receive what is already yours.”

It’s time to pull the trigger, folks and “Align up.” 😉 👈👈 See what I did there? 🤪

Let’s say it together: I am already deserving of what I desire.”

Ahhhhhhh… now line it up!

Take one action today that tells the Universe you’re serious and you’re ready to receive.


Elizabeth xx


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