Lightworkers Who Are Challenged With Illness or “dis-‘ease’

Today, I want to tell you a story that no one wants to talk about. 🙂 I come across so many Healers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs who have some type of “dis-‘ease’ that they try to hide.

There seems to be some sort of stigma that says you can’t be a coach or healer if you have an “illness” or some other type of ‘dis-ease’ like depression or a food disorder.

So instead, you keep your issues hidden and that’s cool – you don’t have to talk about them – they’re yours and you’re entitled to your privacy… but what I DO want to say is that YOU’RE NOT ALONE. ❤

Shit happens my friends. Your journey shifts and changes and sometimes that comes with a lesson and the creation of “dis-“ease.”

Just because you might be challenged with something like this – I’m here to tell you that you’re not a VICTIM to your Illnesses. It’s easy to FEEL YUCKY but the PRACTICE is to watch YOUR MIND MANTRAS – so you don’t create new Belief Patterns like

👉I’m too sick to be successful.
👉I’m not good enough.
👉I’m too tired to run a business.
👉No one will hire me.
👉I can’t do it.
👉What will other people say?

These MIND MANTRAS – if they go unattended will create lower vibrational belief patterns that will affect your ability to be successful, make money or attract clients.

We know… Some days are GREAT – you’re flying high and can conquer the world — then some days are more stressful and can set you back.

I know a lot of Healers, Coaches and Lightworkers struggle with some form of physical challenge… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t run a business, make money and be SUCCESSFUL!

It means that you STRUCTURE your business in a way that supports you and doesn’t stress you out or trigger your conditions.

You make the time to care for yourself. ❤

Things to remember:

1. You are not responsible for meeting the needs of others (clients) and over extending yourself.

2. Your clients are responsible for meeting THIER OWN NEEDS within themselves.

3. Your clients WILL WAIT for you to be 100%

4. If you’re not taking care of yourself then you’re not taking care of anyone else.

5. Your business and work should FEEL GOOD – if you’re forcing yourself to work then you’re not in alignment.

6. Your business works for you – you don’t work for your business.

Having an Illness or other physical condition doesn’t make you LESS than, LESS successful, LESS of ANYTHING… If anyone is telling you differently then they have some of their own Personal Alignment issues they need to work out. 😜

There are MANY ways in which you can create a business and life that you love and that serves yourself and others without affecting your health in negative ways.

Engage in constant reminders to find the things and thoughts that DO FEEL GOOD instead of focusing on what doesn’t. Working on yourself and be OKAY with where you’re at – all of it will soon pass…  it always does. 😌

Much Love,


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