Consistency Is Your Alignment Practice

Everything takes practice.

Before you got on your bicycle when you were 5 you practiced. Before a big game or competition – you practiced.

When you’re consistent with what you practice you get good at it. Are you following me?

The KEY to greater Alignment is 💫 consistency.

Consistency with the vibration you’re offering through your perspective and experience and lining up with the perspective of your Inner Being.

Maintaining this Alignment is THE PRACTICE.

You can’t offer a vibration that you’re in resistance to and expect a manifestation of your request. Why not? You aren’t in a state of allowing and thus can not receive what is being asked for.

You have to get that alignment down first. You have to line up your vibration with what you want and make room for it to come in.



“It’s not possible for me to create $5k months in my business because I just got started.”


“It IS possible to find my clients who will pay me $5k a month because they know the value of my work.”

The practice statement holds a higher vibration that align with your Inner Beings perspective and opens the door to allowing. That space of allowing has you in a receptive mode to receive.

Staying on top of your beliefs and shifting them into practice statements is what helps you shift your energy and puts you into greater alignment.

With CONSISTENT practice (like 21 -30 days) you will change the vibration you’re offering in your business and start attracting your Soul clients!

❓ What vibration are you offering today and where can you become more consistent with your practice to move into greater alignment with your Inner Being’s perspective?


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