The Gift In Jealousy…

The energy of Jealousy is a nasty one that can lead to unconscious energetic attacks. Whether you are jealous or the victim of jealousy the vibrations can get a bit sharp.
If your posting here on FB – you expose yourself to over 1.2 billion people’s perspectives (That’s the latest # of people who are on Social Media) and a lot of those people are unconscious.
Your posts reach at LEAST 20,000 people a day. (If you consistently post in groups, your pages and other social media outlets.)
Even in “Like-Minded” groups there are people who see your Magic 🌟 read your uplifting posts and hear your success stories and they get jealous… but here’s the thing… they don’t know they’re jealous. They just think you’re an ass. LOL. 🤣
They tell themselves this because they have to believe that that they’re better than you, that you must be doing something wrong, that you’re out of alignment, not in integrity or using manipulation to attract clients. They’ll even post about it. ✍️
Here’s the Vibrational Truth about Jealousy…
🕉️ It’s a misaligned vibration.
🕉️ It’s a lack of recognition of your own gifts.
🕉️ It serves to separate instead of unify.
🕉️ It keeps you in the vibration of lack.
🕉️ It puts stress on your mental and emotional fields.
🕉️ It puts stress on your body.
🕉️ It amplifies the “I’m not good enough” frequency.
🕉️ It will keep you frustrated and stuck.
🕉️ It will dampen you ability to manifest.
🕉️ It makes you a bit of of B*tch. 😜
👉The vibration of Jealousy is lesson in RECOGNITION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Recognition and Acknowledgement of your OWN SOUL GIFTS and talents and how you hold them.
👉When you become jealous of another – you’re recognizing how they hold their gifts on themselves. This is a reflection of where you’re NOT holding yours on you.
So the next time you ‘go green’ 😡 ask yourself these questions…
☝️. Where am I not Recognizing or Acknowledging myself and my gifts?
✌️. Where am I holding my gifts externally instead of internally?
🙏. Where can I move into greater awareness and recognition of myself and my own gifts?
👉 Then move all of your energy and awareness internally.
🌟Recognize yourself. 🌟Acknowledge yourself. You are a Bada$$, Money Making Goddess, Sister. 🌟 It’s time to awaken to your power.🌟
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2 thoughts on “The Gift In Jealousy…

  1. Thank you! I could not possibly love this post more….today’s “vibration issues” now make perfect sense!!!

    Have such a hard time acknowledging my power!! xoxo


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