Are You Aligned With Other People’s Perspectives?

Have you ever come across a situation where you read on Social Media someone posting about their perceived limitations?

You know how it goes… it’s a post about how they perceive a situation but from a place of limitation, lack, judgment, jealously, non acceptance of self and others or irritation.

They usually begin with something like:


Then like 2 pages of someone’s triggered perspective and limiting beliefs pour out into your awareness.  Why? Well, let’s be honest, those types of posts drum up the band and tend to create a ton of comments.

You hit the POST button and suddenly there are 175 people coming to RA RA your limiting beliefs.

You see PEOPLE LOVE FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIMITATIONS and if you can get 175 people on Facebook to confirm what you think is true…. well then, it must be. (see our other post Does Social Media Validate you HERE )

But today, we’re going to look over the fence at YOU – YOU the reader, aligner and RA RA supporter. How does someone else’s post affect you and what you believe?

Let’s say, for a moment, that you didn’t have any limiting beliefs about the topic of the day and you’ve been practicing your manifestation skills, toward unlimited abundance and doing all right for yourself. Good for you!

Then you hop on social media, with your coffee in hand — and BOOM! You are confronted with a friend/colleagues long winded “HOW YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING THIS…” post that slaps you right in the face.

And… Oh and look it’s got 75 comments! So you read on… why? Because somehow you can’t seem to pull your eyes (or your energy) away from this inevitable train wreak.

By Paragraph 4 you’re in RA RA mode getting ready to contribute the already exploding post and you’re thinking things like “Yeah!” “I totally agree” “You’re so fabulous!” “Say it sister!” blah, blah, blah.

Here in lies the danger.

When you align and agree with someone else’s perspective you:

  1. Reaffirm their position of lack, judgment and misalignment.

  2. You agree and align with their perspective of lack, judgment and misalignment and… Wait for it… wait for it… MAKE IT YOURS!

  3. You start to experience this lack, judgment and misalignment in your outer world as a reflection of what you believe internally.

Some of you are like “well, that’s not true” but it is… think about it.

How many beliefs are you running right now that don’t belong to you? Go ahead think. We’ll wait…. <insert wheel of fortune music here>

All the beliefs that you’ve taken on from your parents, culture, religion, society, from teachers, gurus, people of influence, etc… Are they yours?

No… But you made them yours because somewhere down the road you aligned and agreed with their perspectives, made them your own and now function from those templates (beliefs.)

Scary, isn’t it?

Keep this in mind – when you deeply resonate with a post that spouts misalignment, judgment and a perspective of lack and limitation (which you may not identify right away)

… Ask your self these questions: 

  1. Is this post coming from a place of limitation?

  2. Is this in alignment with how my Inner being would perceive this situation?

  3. Is offering support reaffirming another person’s perspective of limitation?

  4. Does is reaffirm my own lack and limitation?

  5. Where am I holding lack, limitations, judgment and misalignment within me?

  6. Am I in full acceptance of where I am in my own journey?

  7. Do I need to align and agree to validate my own beliefs?

Today, as you scroll through your social media outlets – see if you can find the posts that are riddled with limitation and lack and ask yourself…

Do I really want to engage with this and why?

Much Love,

Elizabeth xx

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