MONEY PULLING – It’s a thing.

When we say this we’re asking you if you’re energy is PUSHING to get something or if you’re PULLING/ATTRACTING it because it DOES make a difference.
When you’re in business for yourself it can be hard to identify what you’re energy is doing. You get caught up in all the ways you’re not meeting your goals, not getting enough clients and not making enough money etc… all the NOT ENOUGH energy.
Now what do you do?
You start to think up of ways to create money with things like new posts, opt-ins, programs, graphics, posts, blogs, videos etc… and you plaster them around in order to entice your ideal customer.
What you don’t realize is that everything you create from that space holds a PUSHING Energy to it which is based in the NOT ENOUGH energy you’ve infused into your items.
This type of model CAN work – you show up in everyone’s face – scroll after scroll – but take a moment to think about it. How does it FEEL when you’re getting PUSHED?
Ever come across those posts where you just cringe? It’s not because the person is cringe worthy- it’s because the energy behind the post – is cringe worthy….you’re feeling THE PUSH.
So…. What do you do in if you don’t PUSH?
YOU PULL. You DRAW to you your ideal clients/situations by changing your energy and moving it out of the NOT ENOUGH and move into a cleaner and clearer vibration.
Here Are Some Quick Steps:
1. Take your focus off the Lack.
If you’re writing a post with the intention of booking clients, making money, and attach a desperate vibration to it – you’re pushing. So take your focus off the NOT ENOUGH/LACK vibrations and reset it!
2. Release the energetic attachment to others having to be your source of money.
When you’re energetically attached to someone else being or doing something for you – it’s like sending out a bunch of energetic cords that land on people when they read your post. It’s like saying – You’re how I make money, get money, bring in money – so buy this and give me money.
It feels yucky right? Those cords go out into everything you write and then try to reel people in like a fishing rod – it’s energetically messy and people don’t like it.
Release the attachment.
3. Retrieve all the energetic responsibility you’ve given others to be your source of money.
Now that you’re not attached to it – RETURN the responsibility. It’s YOUR job – to hold all the responsibilities for creating abundance, wealth and money – internally. When you receive internally from your own source you are now in (ALIGNMENT) – this is the PULLING ENERGY.
When you write from this place of Non-attachment and Personal Responsibility everything you send out has an energetic MAGNET to it – that DRAWS in or PULLS your clients to you.
From that point on it’s CHA-CHING! CHA-CHING! CHA- CHING!
Need help recalibrating your energy and alignment to be a PULLER instead of a PUSHER? Let’s talk 🙂 http://www.ElizabethPfeiffer.comLogo, no backgroundELIZABETH PFEIFFER - INTUITIVE ALIGNMENT & ENERGY COACH

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