Why Shift Won’t Stick


If you think you have something “blocking you” – your business – your life – your romantic relationships – your money etc… then you have a block.

Even if you really didn’t have that block – YOU DO NOW… Because the thought and vibrations of “I have a block around_____________” has just told the Universe to create it. 🙂

The Universe Responds to your “I have a Block” and says “Ok, We’ll send you one.”

What most people miss is that not all “blocks” are created equal. You see the way you hold your energy can be ‘perceived as a block’ – but it’s not – it’s an energetic stance.

Let’s explore:

Ex. The Perceived Belief: “People don’t respect me.”

Now you think you must have a block or belief that tells you why people don’t respect you and then you DIG and SEARCH for it – can’t find it – so you hire someone to find it – they find it and it’s gone.

…but now you notice that the energy around it hasn’t really changed. Why?

Because it isn’t a Mindset “block.” It’s Energetic.

It’s how you’re holding the energy of attachment and responsibility around the vibrations of respect.

Your energy fields are placing that attachment and giving that responsibility to others (your asking others to be responsible for respecting you and you’re attached to them doing so) – it’s not their job – it’s yours.

In this case — we wouldn’t clear any ‘blocks’ or do any ‘mindset’ work – this would be an Energetic Re-calibration of how you hold the vibration of Respect. Releasing it from others and bringing it back to you.

So, Next time you hit a wall and the Shift just won’t stick – ask yourself – is this a Mindset issue or is it Energetic?

Need help? Books some time with us and we’ll help you find it, shift it and make it stick 😉

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