Finding Home Within….An Exercise

During times of great shift and transformation, we can become homesick for our planet or place of origin. (The place your Soul calls home) In some sense we’re like children away at summer camp when that feeling of homesickness hits.

During times of challenge, we seek the comfort and support from our spiritual family and start to miss that “something” we can’t seem to identify consciously.

Have you always felt as if Earth wasn’t your home?

There are a lot of lightworkers, healers, and spiritual people who have never felt home here – because in truth the majority of Soul’s who do work here are NOT from Earth, but rather someplace, planet or system in the stars far, far, away. (See what I did there 😉

You were asked to come here by Earth’s invitation to share your gifts and talents and to assist in the ascension of the planet and all of the beings that live upon her.  What an honor.

However, no one said it would be easy. In fact, it has been uncomfortable. With all the planetary shifts, you may have grown homesick, sad and maybe even long for something that is more familiar, comfortable and soothing… but yet, you’re still here.

Despite this longing for home, deep within your core you know your presence here on Earth is required for a little longer.

Dear friends, know that you are not alone – you never have been – and if you could see through the rose-colored glasses of the Universe, you’d be shocked by how many beings are here supporting you in this moment.

For in truth, HOME isn’t out there… but in your heart at all times.

Whenever you’re feeling a little sick for home, use this exercise to locate home within, and ease your Heart. 

(**Warning, this may make you cry a little**)

1. I invite you to get very grounded and comfortable as you close your eyes.

2. Invite your Soul, higher Self etc… to locate the following and call them forth into your safe and sacred space your…

  • Spiritual Family
  • The Ascended Masters from Your planet of origin (the place your Soul calls home)
  • Your Guides
  • Your Team
  • and any other Beings from the Angelic Realm of Love and Light that your work with

3. To gather now in the sacred space around you.

4. Ask them to encircle you and to come closer.

5. Ask them to even come closer so that you can sense, see or perceive their presence around you.

6. Use your Senses to Feel them encircling you.

7. Ask them to come closer… closer… and even closer still.

8. Sense, See, Perceive or Feel their presence around you.

9. Ask them to Model right energy as they send you any information they have for you during this time of great transformation to you at the level of your Soul, Higher Self, Ka etc…

10.  Sit in this energy of Home for as long as you like … and when you are complete, thank them for coming.

It’s not quite the same as “going home” but just knowing that you can call your home here to you in this moment, right now, is like receiving a little loving care package.

Just don’t tell AT&T that you’re making those calls for free 😉

For a special message from Spirit watch the video below. (You might need another tissue)

May you always find home no matter where you are in the universe.

With Love,



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