Does Social Media Validate You?

Are you using Social Media (Facebook) to validate yourself?

I see this happen so many times. You’re questioning yourself, feeling “less than” and are hoping for a boost in your self-esteem and confidence – so you take to your computer!

You post an open-ended question with a secret agenda of getting that RIGHT answer that’s going to make EVERYTHING OKAY in your world.


WHO are you asking – some random strangers on your 2,000+ friends list that don’t know you? YES, that’s exactly who you’re asking.

Somehow you feel that they will validate, justify and solve all your comparison issues, lack of self confidence and they will tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear so you can go on doing what you’ve been doing and feel okay about it.

This is a Mis-alignment with your Inner being. ANYTIME you seek EXTERNALLY for what you “feel” that you’re lacking you give away your power. In this scenario – you would have given your power away to all those people.

Cultivating greater alignment with your own power, your own Inner Being and your own Source – happens from the inside out.

Like the say in the movies: “IT’S AN INSIDE JOB” 😉

Asking for tips and processes on HOW to access your source from the

INSIDE OUT = Empowerment.

Asking for validation, acceptance and feelings of self-worth from the

OUTSIDE IN = Disempowerment.

So the next time you post your veiled “innocuous” question which has a secret agenda to validate where you are – based on other people’s perspective…. try cultivating these vibrations internally first.

This creates a greater empowered post, a clean coherent energy field and will do less damage to your already wounded ego.

If you’d like some help doing that feel free to visit us at where we can talk about how to flip your energetic and vibrational shifts!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM






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