Are You Suffering Over Your Suffering?


I’m hearing this a lot: “I’m being hit hard by the shift.”

So you’re feeling it, right?

It’s rattling EVERY single nerve in your energy, mind, feeling and emotion. It gets worse each day. It gets harder to counter act. You try to EASE into it but it doesn’t work you only end up in a fit of tears.

It feels like Suffering.

You know a ton of people who could help you whip your energy back into shape – you could spend that time recalibrating your energy and finally stabilize yourself – so you can ENJOY the shifts instead of having to… Suffer through them.

You think about it – or maybe it’s presented to you – but your FIRST thought is: I don’t have the money or it’s too expensive.

👉 LET’S TRANSLATE: I’m suffering – but I don’t have the money to help me stop suffering. So I’ll stick it out and suffer through it.


“I can do this all by myself” pattern. Where you actually CHOOSE to “suffer” because you think getting help makes you look WEAK or somehow slows down your personal growth and development.

👉 LET’S TRANSLATE: I’m suffering – but I don’t want to ask for help because that would make me look weak, dependent and incapable of taking care of myself – so I’ll suffer through it.

I don’t know about you – but both sound REALLY uncomfortable.


It’s like drowning in the middle of the sea when you’re surrounded by the Coast Guard – but when they offer to help you – you tell them that it’s too expensive or I can do this by myself.

You can still LOVE AND ACCEPT where you are in your process AND get some help at the same time. ❤

So…. Take a moment to consider where you’re at and dive deep.

Where are you CHOOSING to suffer?

What does that mindset chatter sound like?


What are you going to do about it?

There is POWER in asking for help.

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One thought on “Are You Suffering Over Your Suffering?

  1. Good afternoon lady!! HELL YES I’M FEELING IT!!! WTH!!! LMAO Guess it’s time to step back and take a few minutes to ground!!

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