CTM – Current Transactual Manifestation

A message from Abraham. 🙂

I’m sitting in a dense funk today as the timelines of the planet are shifting and healing. One of my gifts is that I can connect with the Enlightened Galactic energies “out there” – but at the same time – what happens out there can affect me greatly “down here.” Today is one of those days.

So, as I sat to meditate – I realized that I couldn’t get still because my energy and awareness were focused on “how dense and heavy I was feeling.” Even my intention for my meditation was to SHIFT and CHANGE the way I was feeling.

That’s when Abraham showed up to explain a concept I’ve never heard before called CTM. I’ve been getting letters from them for sometime but brushed it off as not hearing it correctly but today I thought I’d tune in and see what it was all about.



It was explained to me using my own example from above… the notes have not been changed so you can derive at your own interpretation.


The current condition you are experiencing in your energy that blocks your ability to receive the desires you are trying to create with your current mental, emotional or energetic states. This is resistance.


You’re using a transaction with your inner being to access a better feeling. Meaning, you are trading one mental or emotional state for another.

Ex. You want to feel better because how you feel right now does not suit your desired way of experiencing your reality. You would rather trade (transactual) this state for a new on e that feels more aligned with your Inner Being but you haven’t accepted the fact that you don’t feel the good in the now – in the state of yuck you find yourself in.

Accepting the way you are feeling right now alleviates the resistance to the heaviness and allows for its release and process like it should without having to put a blocking/stopping energy on it. When you can accept the state of density, you feel you’re in, with Love and Acceptance (a better feeling state) then you make it shift.

In contrast, if you create a resistance to it by constantly focusing on how to change it then you haven’t accepted it at all and you just keep forcing it to stay until you take your energy from it. This way takes longer and with more discomfort because you are in a state of non-allowing.

Move more into the acceptance and it will move quick than if you constantly complained about it.


Manfestation occurs when you become the vibrational match for what you are desiring. When you move further into what you experience as lack and find a way to love and accept it – you allow the gates to open and deliver to you your desires.

Because moving into a more vibrational match allows you to receive the desired outcome you’ve asked for. Love and Acceptance of your current mental and emotional states allows for manifestation and creates a higher vibrational frequency at which you now vibrate at. (These are also better feeling vibrations.)

What are some of you thoughts on this?

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Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “CTM – Current Transactual Manifestation

  1. I cannot love this enough!! Makes so much sense to how I’ve felt, (dark, heavy and frustrated) even in this beautiful environment, and torn between how blessed I am and miserable I’m making myself. Even before reading this, I quit fighting the situation, changed my thoughts, and it turned into a lovely day. Now, reading this blog, and it all is so very aligned 💖

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