5 Ways to counteract the Energy Detox

Are you Detoxing? Were you having a great day and suddenly the next you feel as if someone hit you with a 2 by 4?

Have you even said to yourself “Do I have a mood disorder?” “Am I losing my mind?”

See sometimes we get so focused on Healing the old wounds and wanting to elevate our vibration that we forget one very important thing.

That in which you release must go somewhere!

Right. It doesn’t magically disappear and it’s all rainbows and butterflies. I wish! No, it has to purge itself out of the energetic fields and unfortunately, there are times when that process can be uncomfortable.

(see photo to the right as to what energy looks like when it leaves the fields. This photo is of one of my clients during an EST session – NO, those aren’t MY hands in the photo!) 

In fact, the process can make you think that you’re losing your mind, send you into a bout of depression, negative thinking, lack of energy/motivation, sluggish, unfocused etc…

You can even have physical symptoms as well (see my other post – physical signs that you’re increasing your vibration forsome more symptoms there.)

So how does it work, you ask?

Well, when you’re ready to remove, clear or heal an old wound, block or past hurt it’s like digging up a nugget in your fields. You loosen it up and now it’s free to rise up and out of your energy fields.

As it lifts you start to feel the emotions or physical symptoms associated with its clearing. BUT this is a GOOD thing – I know you’re like – I feel like C*ap – how can this be a good thing?

Because it’s leaving!

What you’re feeling, noticing and experiencing is the OLD energy leaving your fields. As it lifts up and out of your energy fields you’re noticing all the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that were associated with that piece as it leaves your fields.

So holding the thought form of “Wow, that’s great – this piece is leaving – woo whooo!” is a great way to look at it but can be quite a challenge if you’re in a big funk.


So what are some ways in which you can battle the funk of an energetic detox?

1. Step up your Energetic Interventions

If you see a healer or energy worker and you haven’t seen them in quite a while – now would be a great time to schedule a balancing session. Or even a session to ease the energetic detox.

If you ARE a healer make sure you’re not ignoring yourself and diving deeper into the detox.

Healer, heal thyself!

These are the times when you lighten your work load and start to schedule appointments with yourself FOR yourself.  Seriously, set up an appointment with yourself and do whatever healing intervention your trained in on you or for you.

Too funky? Call a colleague, hire them, do an exchange whatever it is you need. Don’t have a healer?

Check our Services Here!

2. Utilize FREE online tools to help you shift the funk.

There are TONS of resources out there and they’re FREE. You can tap into any of them whenever you’re feeling funky. I personally like tuning forks.

I do an EST (Emotional Sound Therapy) session on myself using tuning forks to help break up the dense energy that’s trying to lift up and out. I love this technique because it gives you results in less than an hour!

Enjoy this 30 minute long Sound Therapy Session for FREE.


 3. Movement

I know… the last thing you want to do when you’re in a funk is move… BUT movement does two things.

First, it helps the energy move out of the fields. So if you’re a runner, do yoga, or any other type of activity; then during these times you will want to INCREASE you’re level of activity instead of decreasing it.

Second, it will also clean and clear your chakra system and give you an increase in energy! 

Movement doesn’t have to be intense. A walk, yoga, stretching, shopping (yes, shopping) or just a walk around the block will help move your energy. 

4. Cry

If you have to. 😉 Yes, but not from a place of hopelessness/helplessness but from a place of allowing.

What is most misunderstood about crying is that this is a process in which the body uses in order to raise its own vibration.

The body uses the function of Crying to release the old vibrations so that it can bring in more light – so if you feel the meltdown about to happen – then let ‘er rip.  

It’s also a sign that you’re clearing out those old pieces that are no longer needed so you can bump yourself up in vibration as well! 

 5. Work with Flower Essences

Yes, specifically Bach Flower Essences as they can be widely found in most Whole Foods Stores.

 It’s always best to get a practioner to create a customized bottle for you as it will deal specifically with what issues you’re working on – but you can always grab a bottle of Rescue Remedy for an emergency & Gorse, for hopelessness and helplessness.

I hope you find these options helpful. I know they work for me… maybe they’ll work for you. Give it a try and let us know how you make out.










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