What You Don’t Know About Free Healing Threads…

There is a large trend on Social media in the Intuitive community to provide people with a sample of what they can expect when you work with them.

It’s a great way to “try before you buy” so that you know a couple of things about them:

  1. If the energy they use resonates with you.
  2. If you feel as if they can tap in and pin point the issues you’re working on.
  3. If you like their personality and could work with them.
  4. If their perspectives and beliefs align with your own.
  5. If you could actually feel a shift based on the sample.
  6. If they have a service that is the right fit for you.

All of these are viable interactions… but what happens on Social Media to the lay person who jumps on FREE healing threads to FREE healing thread is two-fold… and this is what we’d like to talk about.

In order for a practioner/psychic/healer etc… to be able to READ you or your energy they have to move their energy into your space.  (See photo for example) It’s like they have to REACH OUT and “TOUCH YOU”  – but not with their hands – with their energy.

Once they “touch you” they can get a read on what’s going on, what issues you’re working with and how to help you… BUT if you’re one of those people who go from one healing thread to another to another – without disconnecting then you can end up looking like the man in the photo.

How’s that?

When the Healing Thread is closed or after you receive the healing, reading etc.  you have to disconnect from the practioner’s energy.

Do you know how to do that?

If not, and you’re working with someone who might not know how to do this either – you will be carrying around their energy in your fields.

Imagine that you have received 10 readings/healings etc… on Social Media today.

Look a the image.

That’s 10 different hands all over your energy. If you are not versed in energetic maintenance or clearing then you are now walking around with 10 people’s “hands” all over you.

YES, even the hands of the practioners who might not have resonated with you.


Because NOT ALL practioners have an awareness or the knowledge on how to get completely clean and clear. I work with healers ALL THE TIME and most of the time they look like the photograph.

They carry around with them all their clients and that energy not only feels heavy and dense, but they can empathically feel all their negativity.

As a recipient of these guidance, healing or psychic threads – I’m pretty sure that you don’t have an awareness that you might be walking with all these hands on you either.

Now, understand this…

We are not saying don’t engage in guidance, healing or psychic threads – NOT AT ALL – we offer them all the time – but what we are saying is to be conscious of when and where you’re tapping in!

If you’re jumping on every thread you see – ask yourself this:

  • Why do you feel the need to participate in EVERY available thread?
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What benefit are you getting out of it?
  • Are you trying to mash them all together and create a healing session?
  • Are you trying to get free services?
  • Do you think that one sample will change your life?

Here’s the thing…

A sample healing thread is NOT a replacement for deep inner work.

Think of it this way…

It’s like showing up at Costco on Free sample day. You walk in STARVING and you eat every sample available to you.

Some of it’s tasty and some of you spit out right away but It’s enough to stave off the hunger pains while you shop – but in 30 minutes you’ll be hungry again.

The sample doesn’t really resolve the deeper issue of hunger.

It would have been easier to find something you really liked and just bought an entire box of Yummys, and by the time you finished it, you would have been completely satisfied.

So, we invite you to be conscious of your energy and the energy of others.

Just because the person your working with is a great healer/coach/psychic doesn’t mean they know how to mange their energy or REMEMBER every time to disconnect.

Life gets busy… but we invite YOU to step into greater awareness… because sometimes the energy you carry around… isn’t your own!

Energetic Cords and how they work can be found here!

For your consideration! 🙂


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