Talking With Your Partner About Hiring A Coach/Healer

Lately, I find myself running into women who ‘want & need’ energy coaching. They WANT energy coaching and they KNOW that they have blocks and would like to resolve them.

Who wouldn’t? Energy coaching is one of the fastest ways to get yourself back on track and into greater alignment.

The other side of that coin is that you might have a partner who doesn’t understand the benefit of what you are seeking or why you’re seeking it.

You’re feeling ‘stuck’ ‘frustrated’ ‘lost’ ‘have no clarity’ etc.… Either way you’re finding yourself in a pickle and can’t seem to let yourself out of the jar.

That’s when it’s time to have someone look at your energy. A trained healer/coach can pin-point the issues that hold you back and help you SHIFT them QUICKLY so you can move out of feeling so stuck, fearful, lost and alone.

The first area of resistance of WHY you can’t /won’t do this is around your partner. We LOVE to use our partners as excuses to why we CAN’T do things. Don’t we?

You already ‘know’ what you need and you might have reached out to a practioner that can help you with it and then… right at decision time… WHAM!

FEAR sets in and all the FEAR patterns sneak in. Now you have to devise an excuse to scurry you’re way out and what better way to do that than with the old….

“I’ll have to check with my Husband/Wife/Partner….”

Don’t get us wrong. We LOVE the idea of ‘partnering up’ with your partner about how you need to take care of your well-being, mental and emotional states –  LOVE IT.

However, not everyone has a supportive spouse who understands their path and the thought of exposing this part of you to them is Frightening.

So the real question is:

“Are you using the above phrases to truly support yourself or are you using them to block yourself?

We understand living with a person who is not ‘energetically inclined’ 😉  someone who just ‘doesn’t’ get it.’  But we also know…


That you are RESPONSIBLE for you and your own well-being. That YOU know what’s right for you and what you need. Not your parents, partner or friend.

When you decide that this is true for you, you step out of FEAR and move into ACTION. You take action by accessing the services you need and thus, as a happy side-effect, activate GREATER EMPOWERMENT within you.

When you allow someone else to have control over your needs you give your power to them and nine times out of ten, that other person doesn’t want it – but there it is – sitting right in their lap.

How many times have you heard yourself saying “I would love to do coaching/healing work with X – but I don’t have the money.”

Some behind the meaning translations:

I would love to get better, feel well, be balanced and joyful but I don’t feel as if I can make myself and my well-being a priority.


I don’t want to spend X amount of dollars on myself. I would rather “tough it out” and hope that it changes on it’s own. (Truth: it will usually get worse)


I would love to do this type of work with X but my partner will thing I’m crazy and degrade, punish, or reprimand me for it. (Rejection/punishment)

So what’s all this Mental Mind-Chatter all about?

It’s about taking a stand for yourself and activating the POWER within to get the help you need.

  • You don’t need anyone’s permission to help yourself!
  • You don’t have to ‘Tough It out’ – all that is the choice to stay in your SUFFERING.
  • It’s about moving out of FEAR and activating your POWER.
  • It’s about taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own needs and creating a CHANGE in your life!
  • It’s about making your partner an active participant in your life NOT your Nemesis.

It’s about not putting yourself on HOLD until:

-The money comes

-When my partner says it’s okay

-When things get so bad you can’t handle it anymore

-When you’re lying in bed at night crying yourself to sleep.

-You’re so worried about being rejected or reprimanded by your spouse/partner.

-When you’re so far down the hole of despair that you can’t see a way out.




The steps to this may seem easier than it sounds but you can do it. 🙂

Sit down with your partner.

Have an open heart to heart conversation  about where you are and what you need.

Express yourself without FEAR and use some conversation openers like:

  • This is really important to me and I need you to listen……….
  • This is how I feel and what I think would really help me………….
  • Although we may not see eye to eye on this, I really need you to hear me right now…………..
  • This is how I’ve been feeling lately and I really think this might help me…………..
  • I need your support on this because this is what I’m thinking……………………..

Start with an opener. You can create your own and then let the rest flow from your heart. Even if they don’t ‘get it’ they will get a better understanding of where you are and what you need.

If you feel that you can’t have this type of heart to heart conversation or that you don’t feel safe to express yourself  in your relationship –

…then that’s a entirely different conversation.

Wishing you much love and joy!




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