Crying As A Frequency Tuner

Ever have those moments when you’re at the office, sitting in your car or just hanging out at home when you suddenly burst into tears for no reason?

We call this a clearing/healing or release. Whether you’re doing energy work for yourself or participate in some type of healing process, or not, your vibration and frequency alters depending on where you’re at in your own evolution.

From our perspective this is what’s happening. When your energy digs up the sticky gunk from your energy fields it has to go somewhere. Usually, it pushes up and out of your mental/emotional fields.

When it goes through the mental field you start hearing all your lower vibrational thoughts as they leave.

When it goes through your emotional fields you start feeling all the lower vibrational emotions.

These are common purging functions. What you’re experiencing is the conscious awareness of what’s coming up and you’re thinking or feeling it as it leaves.

Not to be gross, but it’s a bit like a pimple. A pimple starts out under the surface. You don’t even know it’s there until it hits the surface of the skin. Then the affected area fills with fluid, it becomes sore to the touch and hurts. Then one day – you decide to pop it or maybe it pops on its own.

It’s that filling period that builds the intensity within your energy fields until one day you just… pop… or in this case have a meltdown and breakdown in tears. That energetic clearing – releases the lower, denser areas in your fields to make more room for a lighter feeling to come in.

It will also help the body increase its frequency and ability to hold light. You see the body also holds energy and sometimes that energy can get stuck or blocked, within a certain system, organ or gland. Crying then becomes a physical action that allows the body to release the stuck, blocked energy from its form.

Ever feel stressed out at work and are like “I need to go to the gym or Do yoga etc…” We do this because unconsciously you understand that going to the gym or to yoga class helps your body release this stagnant, stuck energy. Don’t you feel better after class? That’s because you’ve cleansed the dense energy from the body.

Although you may feel like you’re right smack in the middle of some big SHIFT, that might have you on the bed crying, zoning out or feeling out of whack and confused…. It’s important to remember that these thoughts and feelings are not entering your fields… Meaning, they’re not coming into your reality –but rather they are leaving.

It’s hard to keep that in mind when you’re world feels like it’s falling apart around you, but the awareness of knowing that these intermittent meltdowns are energies that are leaving and knowing that there will be expansion on the other side of it – might help.

Two tips to make it through the melt-down phase:

  1. Let it go.

The mind may try to hold onto the feelings that are being expelled… but allow them to go. To hold on – is to resist – to resist will prolong the process and keep you in the yucky feelings longer than you need to be.

  1. Expansion is on the other side.

It might be hard to remember this fact when you’re feeling like a brainless, limp, noodle, but everything you’re experiencing is actually helping you shift everything you’ve asked for. Plus, the dense emotions/thoughts are temporary – they will leave once you have yourself a good cry.

Remember the pimple:

When a pimple pops there is some immediate relief, but that area remains tender and sore for a little while… and then within a couple days it will disappear and so will this Shift.

Hang in there 🙂


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