Energetic Activations – How Do They Work?

On the heels of this recent portal opening,  we decided we’d shed some light on the process of receiving an energetic download/activation – so you can get an idea of what that actually means for you.
Imagine this:
You come to the planet with a blue print that you Soul has painstakingly planned for you to accomplish and experience while you’re here. It’s like an outline of sorts of how your life is going to go.
You get here and you find that you need to create some belief systems, ways of being, thinking and feeling in order to navigate the world. Sometimes we develop them – purely to survive in the tribe you were born into. We usually pick these beliefs up from our parents and the people we spent the most time with as children.
The majority of these beliefs are a conglomerate of people all wrapped together like a snickers bar. So, by the time your 5 you are a walking talking snickers bar of everyone you’ve ever met.
As life moves forward you notice that you have this inner feeling or wanting to be more of you. Ever hear that phrase? Be more authentic – more in alignment etc… This is the knowing or realization that you’re a snickers bar and the desire to pull out all the ‘nuts’ so you can be your own unique gooey self.
During the process of spiritual growth and increased levels of awareness you will seek out ways in which you can unwrap your snickers bar and start peeling away all the chocolate, nuts and caramel so you can get to your gooey center.
An energetic activation (like this past one) is like being placed in a frying pan and using the energy to meltdown your snickers bar of beliefs – so you can strain away the nuts and any other pieces you don’t need because it’s not a part of your gooey center.
Then after picking out the pieces that are no longer needed you’re reformed and placed in the fridge to cool. We call this integration. After integration you are a new snickers bar. Maybe this time you have less nuts or your caramel has been replaced with a marshmellow center etc…Either way you come out a little different then when you went into the frying pan.
Trying to live as a snickers bar without the nuts can be a difficult transition. You see when you pull out the nuts of caramel from a bar – well the bar becomes different and so do you. You think differently, your beliefs shift and sometimes that can be unsettling to your mental, emotional and physical energy bodies and systems.
There is an adjustment period that follows after you’re freed from the fridge. 🙂 Some people barely notice it. It’s so subtle that it’s not noticeable. But if you’re energetically sensitive – this type of process can knock you on your hiney and disrupt the physical and emotional bodies. This means you can feel aches and pains or mood swings – before, during and after the shift.
That’s why when energy downloads/activations come through you want to make sure you take it slow, be gentle with yourself and your body and allow yourself to integrate what has just come through by not judging yourself/others too harshly. Taking time out to play, have fun and rest.
Imagine if you pulled that snickers bar out of the fridge before it had a chance to set itself. All you would get is a gooey mess all over your floor. ❤
Happy Integrating! 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM

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