The Energetics Behind Sending Light To Another

You’ve probably been told that the best way to help shift people out of whatever funk they’re in is to beam them – or send them – light.

How many of you are blasting people light without them knowing?

Let’s walk through this process and SEE what you’re ACTUALLY doing.

John or Jane Doe  (JJ) is having a terrible day at the office. You come in – in your all chipper high vibrating self – and see that JJ is in a funk.

JJ might even snap your head off because you didn’t get an assignment in on time or maybe JJ just broke up with their partner.

YOU decide:

  1. Wow, JJ is in a super negative space and is ruining my day – I’m going to send him light.
  2. Wow, JJ is super depressed and could use a little love. I’m goanna send him light.
  3. Wow, JJ is really blocked – send him light
  4. JJ is so confused – send him light


So, now you’re thinking, what’s wrong with that? They’re in a dark place and the light is for everyone. I’ll just send some and help them change their energy.

That sounds like you’re being of service, doesn’t it?

…But You’re NOT.

What YOU DID is:

  • Judged that someone’s journey was difficult, it shouldn’t have to be that way and you were going to help them change it.
  • Judged that what that person NEEDED in order to shift was light. So you sent it.
  • Judged that person was some how doing, being or acting in a way that you felt wasn’t right. So you sent light to change it.
  • Wanted that other person to change, shift or feel different. (Which completely discounts the journey of that other person, what they’re feeling and how they can find solutions to mange it…) So you sent light to that as well.
  • Moved your energy into a stance of Spiritual Arrogance by using:

Judgment –  when you decided that what JJ needed was a little light to change, alter or shift his/her situation. So, you sent it.

  • Not Asking Permission – When you send light to someone, without their permission, it’s as if you landed on their front porch – made a judgment about what they needed – and hit them in the face with a cream pie. How would you feel if someone showed up on your front porch and hit you in the face with a pie?  Would you be happy about it?  Probably not. I’m guessing you’d be pretty mad.
  • Corded Their Energy – and you did so without realizing it.  Anytime you read someone or send light to someone with the intention of “shifting” their behavior – you cord them… but wait – here’s the good part – you ALSO empathically feel all their Soul LESSONS, TASK AND KARMA! Whoa baby! Now that’s a party!

By now you’re probably chatting with office members and friends about how JJ is super negative, in a funk, blah, blah, blah… which, in truth, are merely your judgments of JJ’s behavior.

…And here’s the kicker… People don’t have to ACCEPT the light you send. In some of these cases you might even experience even MORE negativity from JJ and this might even start to anger you.

Is it because JJ is a negative person? No. It’s because you crossed an energetic boundary and sent JJ light when he didn’t ask for it and now his energy is not happy with you.

So, here’s the lesson….

In order for some people to find their way out of the dark then need to sit in their own ‘shift’ and DECIDE ON THIER OWN how they’re going to deal with it.  They don’t want your light, judgments, projections, expectations, attachments or help. Period.



  • Identify that what YOU’RE feeling is an Empathic Hit.

That negativity, angry and irritation is what the other person is feeling – It’s not an invitation to send them healing or light. It’s information.

  • Hold a space of compassion.

You just felt everything their going through and if you were motivated to send light – then you know it’s pretty sucky. More on Practicing Compassion can be found by clicking here.

  • Ask your higher self to send energetic INFORMATION to them. That’s it. No light. Just INFORMATION.

This is like your energy tapping his energy on the shoulder and saying “Hey, things look a little sucky – would you like to know how I deal with it?” Then they have a CHOICE to receive it or NOT.

  • Ask your higher self to release the empathic sensitivity.

This will help release all of the energy you’re receiving through an empathic hit off of you and back to them.

  • Ask your higher self, body’s higher self and your Team to MODEL the solution they’re experiencing in YOUR OWN Fields.

That’s right. YOU MODEL THE SOLUTION. Change your own energy to hold a higher vibration and by the law of resonance, another can CHOOSE to lift their own vibration to that coherent field or not.

These are the keys to creating a Coherent field that can initiate a change in another.

But if you don’t quite get all the concepts included in this article, and insist that you MUST send something… then send more of this:


BE the Solution. The more you can model right energy the more Shift you can help other people create on their own.


Happy Shifting ! 🙂


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