Why Empath’s Need To Monitor Their Online Consumption

When the energy or the energy of events is in full frontal assault mode, the best place NOT TO BE, is on Social Media.

Especially, if you’re the type that takes on other people’s energy and have a tendency to get caught up in other people’s drama.

As an Empath, you tend to forget that there is no delineation between here or there, and when you engage in the THERE, it can feel like a million voices screaming in your face at one time.

You become overwhelmed with the spouting emotions from others, get immediately triggered, and before you know it…. you’re right there engaging in the energy that has set you off.

What do you do when this happens?


Yes, that means get your Arse off Social Media and do something constructive. Pull out that book you’ve been dying to read, write that article you should be sending out, go to the gym, catch up on your next Netflix binge etc…

The more you engage with your Social Media outlets the DEEPER you plug into the Mass Consciousness, the more triggers you will experience and before you know it – you feel:

  • Angry
  • Irritable
  • Overwhelmed
  • Triggered
  • Drained
  • Depleted

We offer this other perspective… or perception on how this works 😉

The Computer is portal into the Mass Consciousness.

When the energy is massive, people look for something or someone to help them understand it. This type of “reaching out” can drain people who are empathic.

You pick up on other people’s Anger, Sadness and distress and take it on as your own.

During times of great energy shifting, people will ‘reach out.’

Whether it’s to align with others who feel the same way, justify their own feelings and points of view or just to get a better understanding of themselves – these energies REACH OUT like a fishing rod – hoping to reel in other’s – so they can understand/express/process what they’re experiencing.

This type of ‘reaching out’ can be harmful to Empath’s who pick up this type of energy and then process it as if it was their own. It weighs heavily on the empath and sets off their own triggers to the point where it becomes difficult to discern what energy is really theirs and what belongs to another.

We invite you to be mindful of when you visit Social Media – especially after large world wide events or large shifts in energy.  Those upsets create an uproar of emotion that people pour onto Social Media as a means to process.

Monitor your intake Empath – or before you know it – you’ll be engaged in the Mass Consciousness and start aligning your energy there.

Click here to read more on what the Mass Consciousness is.

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