Do You Have Nightmares During Dimensional Shifts?

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Or even worse, having nightmares? Right now we’re going through a very big energy shift and when this happens, the veils of our world and the spirit world, start to dissolve and get thin.

This is a merging of our dimension and the other. It’s like the top floor and the bottom floor coming together to create an entirely new floor.

When this occurs some sensitive people can see/feel energy from the other floors. Unfortunately, sometimes that energy isn’t all fluffy and blue skies.

During these times of Dimensional shifting your senses can become heightened and you can start to feel unfamiliar energy that you’re not sure about.

This can trigger a fear response, as this energy is unknown and it’s hard to  discern whether it’s helpful energy or discordant energy.

This can happen a lot during dream time, as the veils between our world and the spirit world, are the thinnest between midnight and 3am.

The second thing that happens during a Dimensional shift is that some of your tools for protection and safety may not be working like they used to. When we shift, we usually move into a higher vibration and thus our “old ways” of doing things don’t resonate in this new dimension.

You will notice this by experiencing nightmares, increase psychic activity in your home or during Dreamtime, hearing voices or seeing unfamiliar energies.

For those who are not familiar with this type of energy it can be quite disturbing.

During these times of Dimensional Shifting I will update my reference points for where I am in this dimensional shift, as well as my  Protection and Safety mechanisms, but not everyone knows how to do this.

If you’re one of those people who’s having trouble managing the shifts, I’ll invite you to try this process, and see if you find it helpful.

Protection and Safety during Dreamtime:

1. Call forth the Ascended Masters and your Team. (You could use whatever beings of light and love you work with i.e. Archangels, Higher Self, God, Goddess etc.)

2. Ask them to encircle you and bubble up in their energetic fields how they hold Protection and Safety in their fields.

3. Ask them to Reflect the vibrations of Protection and Safety to you as you sleep or move throughout your day

4.  Ask your Ascended Master Self from the Future to dissolve all the doors to the lower realms so you can dream in the higher ones.

5. Then ask for an update of all these reference points and perception mechanisms

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May your dreams be filled with sweetness and light ❤

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