How Energy Shifts & Clears

A lot of people ask “What does it mean when your energy fields are clearing?”

This is actually a great question.

Tons of people have energy shifts and clear energy that is no longer in their best and highest good and don’t even realize it!!

You might even hear someone say “whoa, I feel really whoozy today” or “I’m not feeling right – I’m suddenly all emotional” or “I just can’t seem to get it together today.”

I describe a “clearing” much like sweating.

The physical body sweats in order to release toxins from the body. Through the sweating process anything that is not useful to the body is excreted through the sweat glands.

Your energy fields work in a similar way. When you shift to higher vibrations I.E via meditation, energy work, inner process work, or other modalities… the energy fields respond.

Imagine them saying “Okay, we don’t need these energies anymore – let’s get rid of them!”

In order to expel these energies that are no longer useful one must “sweat” them out. So the fields actually shift and utilize the mental/emotional system as its sweating process in order to purge. 

Hence, feelings of whoozy-ness, dizziness, up and down of emotions, fatigue, sleeping a lot etc…(This can also happen if you are bringing in downloads of new energy and higher vibrations as well.)

How to counter act an energetic clearing?

It varies from person to person but some basics are to:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Get outside and MOVE IT! (see how movement effects your fields)
  • Get grounded
  • Take the nap – don’t resist it
  • Get a balancing session to re-set.
  • Cry it out (I know this is one that people resist the most but once it’s released then it’s gone <3.
  • You can also seek support from other remedies like Bach flower essence support and essential oils!
  • …and make sure you’re disconnecting from the Mass and Human Consciousness where you could be empathing everyone else!

Below is a photo captured in a Healing Session I did with a client where you can actually SEE the energy moving up and off her body!

(oh, yea… those hands you see on the right side of the photo? Yea, they’re NOT mine. 😉 )



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