How Can Essence Therapy Help With ‘Shift?’

Did you know that there is a way to counter act the Whirl and Swirl of Energetic Shifts with Essence Therapy?

Essence Therapy can come in the form of Flower or Gemstone Essences. You see each flower or gemstone has particular healing properties, that when used properly, can promote Clarity, Healing & Balance.

These holistic interventions work mainly with a persons Mental and Emotional bodies and can help major Energetic Shifts transition more smoothly.

What are they?

Gemstone and Flower remedies are specially prepared essences, containing the healing energy of gemstones and plants.  They are prescribed according to a patient’s emotional disposition.


Essences are homeopathic and they work by effecting energy levels rather than chemical balances.

They have been described as “liquid energy.”

They help overcome negative emotions, and relieve blockages in the flow of human energy that can cause illness.

The most popular Flower Essence brand on the market are Bach Flower Essences.

Bach Flower Essences were discovered by  Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936)  and can be widely found in most Whole Foods Stores.

Dr. Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital, London and obtained a Diploma in Public Health at Cambridge. He was a house surgeon and a casualty medical officer at University College Hospital. He worked at the National Temperance Hospital and practiced for over twenty years in London as a Harley Street consultant and bacteriologist. After research in immunology, he developed an interest in homeopathy, and joined the laboratories of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital in 1919. He developed seven bacterial nosodes (the seven Bach nosodes), which have received only limited recognition.

Excerpt taken from the official Bach Remediy site HERE.

It’s always best to get a practioner to create a customized bottle for you as it will deal specifically with what issues you’re working on – but you can always grab a bottle of Rescue Remedy for an Emergency & Gorse, for hopelessness and helplessness.

This is a great video that explains how essences work… this one is for Bach Flower Essence specifically however all Flower essences are treated in the same manner.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM

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