How To Manage Energetic Downloads & Irritation

Energetic Downloads are at the helm of the month! How do you manage extreme Mental and Emotional Shifts?

Simply put, a download is an energetic packet “downloaded to you”, by your Soul. You can imagine it much like the way a computer downloads information to your system and then ‘deletes’ the old information that you no longer need.

When these ‘downloads’ take place, there can be a great disturbance in your Mental (Thinking) and Emotional (Feeling) Bodies.

This can cause some physical disturbances in the body. For more on what that looks like visit our blog titled “Physical Signs That Your Increasing Your Vibration”

In the mean time, watch our latest LIVE FB video below and get a better understanding of how to manage these “shifts” and what you can do about them. 🙂



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM

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