CLEANING OUT – You & Your Home!

empowermentAnytime there has been a BIG SHIFT in your energy you might find yourself inspired to literally CLEAN THINGS UP.

Suddenly you find yourself cleaning your house, mopping the floors, scrubbing your bathrooms or tackling a room you’ve been putting off for months!

This is a natural EXTERNAL  reflection of the shift you’ve brought in for yourself INTERNALLY. 🙂

When you CLEAR OUT the old energy (even stuff that is IN your PHYSICAL WORLD i.e. your home) You create more space for NEW things to show up!

So today, we invite you to CLEAN UP with More INTENTION.

That’s right take your cleaning up processes a little further and use it to intend to create:


The ideology behind this is to get rid of the things that aren’t useful, you don’t love, never wear, or will never use.


Ladies, in your closests!!

Gentlemen… in the garage or storage rooms! (unless you have your own personal “man cave” then start there.)

So this is how it goes…. Keep two sets of bags…

1. To TOSS


Start in your room of choice or walk around your house and notice the things you have lying around.

Anything you see that holds a heavy or contracted feeling to it – get rid of!

Yes, even grandma’s ugly gift she gave you 10 years ago. You know the one… the one you ONLY keep around because she gave it to you.

If it doesn’t give you joy, make you smile or bring a light feeling to you – TOSS or DONATE IT!

Ladies, all those clothes that don’t fit, will never fit and only makes you cringe when you look at it and reminds you of “how thin you used to be?”


Gentlemen, all the “extra” pieces, wires and objects that are lying around in your storage area or garage that only reminds you of how much work needs to be done and that you’ll never do.


When all of these heavy, unproductive items that drain your energy are removed you will find yourself feeling lighter, more joyful and free… and thus attracting making room for more happy, lighter, and uplifting items to replace the ones you tossed!

Don’t forget to rummage through your kids closest’s, under the bed, behind the furniture, and that lovely catch-all in the kitchen etc…

I’ve done this myself… it’s no easy task. However, it does feel much better and lighter.

How many bags can you fill?

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