How To Stop The Cycle of Intense Feelings

Are you suffering over your suffering?

Are your thoughts SO intense that they trigger intense emotions that can derail your entire day?

Ever wonder why that is?

You see your Ego creates THOUGHTS, that according to it, are designed to keep you safe and protected.

The truth, however, is that they are FEAR based cautions, warning you against repeating familiar patterns that didn’t work out for you before.

These THOUGHTS are mostly Negative and self-deprecating and can effect Your Mind, Body and Soul.

With enough repetition they can affect your body and make you physically ill.


This is what we call a ‘Programmed Pattern’.

You can see by the diagram above that the pattern is always kept in full motion. It’s started by the THOUGHT which then TRIGGERS the EMOTION which then TRIGGERS more THOUGHTS and then repeats itself.

This dysfunctional cycle will continue in loop until that thought pattern is interrupted. You have been running this type of, Unconscious Programming for most of your life, without even realizing it… but now you can break it!

When you are able to identify the pattern and have some insight as to how and why it’s working then you can begin to neutralize that cycle.

How? Let’s explore…

    • I know. You’d think this would be all about CLEARING the feeling and making it go away, but it’s not. (sorry) Sometimes, in order to fully clear something, you have to allow the feeling to consciously run it’s course.
    • Identifying the feeling will help you recognize what the vibration you’re running is. I.e. Anger, Despair, Guilt, Fear etc. This will then give you a basis for where you are and what you need to release.
    • What we mean by surrender is to actually dive a bit DEEPER into the feeling (**but NOT with YOUR MIND**) and allow it to fully express itself, until it is released.

As we mentioned in section 2, if you don’t allow the FEELING to fully dissolve, it can get stuck in your fields and cause you more discord then it would if you allowed it to release.

If you engage with your MIND then you reactivate the pattern you’re trying to break.

businessman-607831_1280 1The benefits:

  • You can completely Delete them from your Energy.  
  • You can stop the pattern.
  • You allow for a shift in energy and finally find some relief.
  • You will start to FEEL lighter, more in control, less TRIGGERED and aware of your THOUGHTS & FEELING patterns.

Not sure how to put this all in motion?

Book a Private Session with us and we’ll walk you through the entire process and help you clear some patterns that keep you cycling back and forth by CLICKING HERE.

For your consideration…



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM




Paraphrased from the work of Dr. Edward Hawkins. 


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