7 Steps – How To Find Time to Meditate

If you have embarked on a meditative practice this is going to be the BIGGEST STEP in you whole process.

By creating the time to meditate or complete whatever spiritual practice you have you are sending a message to the Universe.

The message is I AM important and worthy.

Your actions show that taking the time out of your busy, hectic day for yourself to come into alignment with your Higher Self/Soul/Source/God/Goddess – whatever word you use… is important and that you are worth that time.

In return, the Universe will respond accordingly by bringing in the time to practice this, more inner peace, calm, grounding etc…

So here’s the glitch.

YOU have to decide that it’s important and that you are WORTH the 5-15 minutes it takes to meditate/practice.

Set it up in stone in your mind and make the time – Not FIND the time – Make it. There’s a difference.

Still can’t seem to “Find the time?”

Here are 7 Suggestions:

  1. Load a guided/energetic meditation on your phone/ipad or other mobile device so you always have them when you have down time. Or when you’re early for an appointment and will need to wait. No one said you had to sit in a quiet room with candles and incense in order to meditate… but that is nice too. 😉
  2. Before getting out of bed run one of your meditations right from your Iphone and meditate right in bed before starting your day! This will help set up your energy for the day as well.
  3. Treat your meditation practice as if you would your hair/nail appointment and SCHEDULE IT into you daily planner.
  4. Meditate after the Morning Chaos and the kids are off to school.
  5. Run some of the meditations in your car as you’re traveling. (Just not the ones that require you to close your eyes) We have some you download in our Shoppe that help shift energy while you drive!
  6.  After Dinner when all the dishes are cleaned up and everyone is taken care of spend 10-15 minutes before engaging in to your t.v. time. Better yet – cut down your T.V. time. This will help disconnect you more from Mass Consciousness that holds a vibration of fear and lack.
  7. Lastly, Create yourself a bedtime. If you got to bed at 11 you will carve out 15 minutes prior to do your meditations. If you go to bed at 10 – then 9:45 etc..

This isn’t about finding the time to “do it” but rather embracing yourself and the feeling that this is important for you and that you’re WORTH it.

You have control over what you create in your life… use some of that time to create some inner peace.

Just think, the 15 minutes it took for you to read this blog – you could have been Meditating! 😉


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