Energetic Weight Loss Tip #3

During the holidays and large events your energy fields become saturated with other people’s energy.

Everyone sends and receives energetic information from one another ALL THE TIME.

Imagine your energy fields are like a sponge that just sits under the faucet soaking up water – even a sponge gets full and all that energy/water starts to over flow.

That overflow can result in irritation, anxiety, mood swings and anger.

When that state occurs, energetically empathic people, will turn to food to ground, soothe, protect, feel safe, and comfort themselves.

We usually like things like doughnuts (Sugar) and Potato chips (Fat.)

When sugar hits the body, it hits fast and turns the focus of the body OFF the stressors your experiencing, and toward the processing of the sugar and fat.

Once ingested these substances start to make us “feel good” for about 30-minutes to an hour – then you start to feel the decline and then the empathic backlash.

When you use food as a mechanism to soothe, protect, feel safe, and comfort yourself – you have energetically given your power away to the food.

You now rely on that substance, instead of yourself, to manage these energies.

Now, when these empathic triggers hit, you find yourself on the hunt for the nearest doughnut you can find, and after the holidays you’re left wondering… How did I put on 10 lbs???


Be Conscious. When Stressors hit and you find yourself reaching for food…


Ask yourself:

  • What Am I feeling right now?
  • From a Scale of 1 -10 how stressed am I in this moment?
  • Did I realize that I just unconsciously ate an entire brick of Brie?
  • Do I feel challenged by the energy in the room?
  • Is there anyone that is making me feel uncomfortable or angry?
  • Do I feel unusually stressed?
  • Why am I craving sugar or fat right now?

Just by acknowledging your situation you will be able to bring awareness to the hand-to-mouth soothing mechanism and identify what your empathic eating triggers are.

Take back you power and put down the doughnut. 😉

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