Fear Bubbles

FEAR is the monster no one wants to talk about.

It’s the monster no one thinks they have and the monster that keeps you stuck in whatever pattern you’re trying to unravel yourself out of of.

Of course, in your mind you realize that FEAR is simply an illusion, right?

You’ve been taught that a million times by a million teachers – and yet here we are telling you that your energy hasn’t really caught up with that idea.

That you STILL harbor little FEAR BUBBLES in your energy fields without even being aware of it.

In truth, you KNOW fear has no power over you and yet it’s the root of all things that hold you back in your life, relationship and business.

Fear shows up like little soap bubbles of unconscious thought – and come with their own little sayings, reasonings and mantras that are meant to keep you still, stuck and “safe.”

…but that is the illusion.

FEAR can not keep you safe.

Only TRUST can keep you safe.

So, as we move out of the old of 2015 and move into the new of 2016, we invite you to POP your bubbles of Fear.

Remember, your EGO FEAR MONSTER will tell you that you’re not afraid, that you don’t have Fear and that basically I have no idea what I’m talking about… but remember this…. you can only shift that in which you have awareness of.

So, now that you’re aware of the Fear Monster and that he might be hanging out in your fields, find a way to POP HIS BUBBLES!

Much Love,

Feel free to share these notes of inspiration with others. You never know who needs to read what – when – on their journey.


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