Find Out If You Suffer From (F.O.C.) Fear Of Change.

Lately, I’ve been keeping my pulse on the ‘Shift’ that’s happening on the planet and right now there seems to be a lot of change in the air.

When radical change comes to visit there is an increase in the contraction of F.O.C.


For my Empathic friends this may feel like and increase in:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration that things are moving along
  • Thoughts of giving up
  • Feeling as if ‘things are never going to change’
  • Sense of feeling stuck and can’t move forward
  • Writers having writers block
  • Lack of Creativity or Creative Energy
  • No motivation – because ‘what’s the point? Things aren’t going to change etc…”

When big shifts of energy come in and, “WIPE OUT” what no longer serves you, you are forced to move forward.

Sometimes this is EXACTLY what you’ve asked for! Now that you GOT IT, you realize, “this change is unfamiliar” and go into panic mode. In fact, it’s downright uncomfortable when F.O.C. sets in.

What’s REALLY interesting about F.O.C. is that it can hit ANYONE and it’s usually unconscious!

You see…

You’ve asked for change, you got change, and now that change is UNKNOWN and you’re totally out of your comfort zone.

Feeling, any of the symptoms listed above, can happen when change is at hand, you’ve gone through it or you’re in it.

It’s your unconscious mind that wakes up and freaks out. So, it tries to move back into that warm, fuzzy, familiar comfort zone it had once before – but those reference points are gone.

Now it’s being asked to find that warm and fuzzy place in the NEW zone, but that only brings forth more symptoms of F.O.C. which result in:


As per our definition:

Blocks are simply energetic bubbles of resistant thought in your energy fields that are either: unconscious,  unseen,  or unknown to you.

Some of those thoughts can sound like this:

  • I can’t change
  • Change is for everyone else
  • Change doesn’t happen for me
  • Change will never work for me
  • I’m afraid to change
  • I don’t want to be seen
  • I don’t feel safe
  • I don’t really want to change… etc.

These thought bubbles are counter productive to the desired change you’ve been asking for, isn’t it?

They create a PUSHING and PULLING type of energy.

You’re PULLING in the ‘SHIFT’ that will create change in your life, which is what you’ve been asking for, and then…

PUSH it away with your F.O.C. bubbles of resistance.

So today, ask yourself this…

  • Have I contracted F.O.C.?
  • Do I have any of the symptoms above?
  • Could it be that I am unconsciously blocking my own success?
  • Am I afraid to move forward? etc.

Then ask for guidance. 🙂

Need Assistance, or want it cleared sooner, rather than later?

Contact Us~ we’ve got all kinds of ‘Shift’ that can help you Clear F.O.C. 😉


IMG_4343Elizabeth Holds a Master’s Degree In Social Work from Temple University and practices as an Intuitive Energy Healer & Coach helping you create greater Clarity|Balance| & Healing while you ‘Take Control Of Your Shift!’

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