What is Mass Consciousness & How To Dis-Connect

Sometimes you wonder why you get so distressed, upset, angry and even rage-full when world events come into your fields of awareness.

You recognize that this is not your true state of being, but yet you can’t control the rush of emotions that flood your system, and you feel as if you want to lash out or express yourself in some way.

In order to understand why this happens you must first understand your cosmic connection with the grids on the planet that shape, mold and sometimes attempt to control your behavior. 

There are 2 grids that overlay the planet.

The First one is what we call the: MASS CONSCIOUSNESS GRID.

Imagine, if you will, an intricate spider web of energy that overlays the entire energetic body of the planet, where we as a field of conscious awareness, are interconnected through the web. Anything that happens to the web – happens and affects all of us – no matter where you are in the world.

It’s like a spider that can sense when a fly has landed in the web – that web vibrates and sends a message to the other strands in the web that it’s caught something!


Very similarly, when something happens on our planet – whether it’s a disaster, war, conflict, weather – or any other event that sends a ripple through the web – YOU can then be affected by the emotions, thoughts and feelings that are being sent through that line.

Even if you live across the world.

Some people, like myself, can sense the “disturbance in the force 😉 ” prior to the event’s occurrence or any media coverage.

This happens because we have a ‘tentacle’ of energy on the web of mass consciousness and can emphatically feel it before it occurs.

When that web starts to wiggle and vibrate – empaths, healers, and other sensitive people will feel the discord. Media attention, news coverage and other actions that align with Mass Consciousness of victim, anger, rage, irritability, sadness, depression, hopeless, helpless etc… serves as a means to bring your awareness to the web.

When media brings to your awareness specific events and tragedies to the web (whether that information is accurate or not) that announcement – JINGLES – the web. You tune in, watch the coverage, learn of the events and then have the opportunity to:


  • To judge the event from the perspective of polarity and duality – right or wrong, good or bad etc.. (which is the Mass Consciousness) and immerse yourself in the current Mass Consciousness  thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions that are being conveyed to you via the current Mass vibration.


  • Tap into the SECOND GRID that’s on this planet which is NOT CONNECTED to the Mass perception.

YES, there is a second grid that overlays this planet that holds a more enlightened consciousness that is not based in the ideology of DUALITY or POLARITY.

We will refer to this Grid as the:



This particular grid works exactly like the Mass consciousness, except it is not filled with thoughts, feelings and beliefs that align with Fear, Poverty, Duality, Hatred, or an unconscious awareness of Victimization.

This Grid holds the consciousness of Enlightenment.

It understands that there is no right, wrong, good or bad and that everything that happens on the planet – happens for the spiritual growth and evolution of all.

It is a UNITY GRID that helps us propel our awareness and consciousness into vibrations of Oneness, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Personal Responsibility, Awareness and Joy.

It is a consciousness grid that allows for the Duality to play out so that evolution on the planet can grow – so that as a Unit or a Whole – we can all transition from the Mass Consciousness grid and into the Enlightened Being Consciousness grid. Thus, allowing us to actually:

“Be The Change We Wish To See In The World” Gandhi.

This grid understands that there are atrocities that happen on the planet, but it doesn’t thrust one into the consciousness of Duality and hatred. It holds the space for ONENESS and LOVE and guides us all to perceive from the awareness of your Soul’s Essence – as an enlightened being.

Just a simple awareness of this Enlightened Being grid shines light on your own spiritual growth and evolution, but like everything on this planet, you have to  CHOOSE it. 

Each decision you make either pulls you CLOSER to LOVE or PULLS you AWAY from it.

The decision in which you choose to perceive your reality and that of the world is entirely up to you – NO JUDGEMENT – it’s just a perception. 😉

DISCONNECTING FROM THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS When you make a conscious choice to dis-connect from the grid of Mass Consciousness you are telling the universe that you are CHOOSING to align with LOVE, UNITY and ONENESS.

That is a HUGE choice – in it and of itself. It says that, I no longer choose to look at the world from the perception of the Masses and wish to align with view that holds a more enlightened way of being.

***This choice does NOT negate anything that is happening – mind you – but it says that you will not contribute your energy or awareness to lower vibrations that are determined to keep the planet in vibrations of Fear, Terror or Victimization.***

It says “I see it”-  “I will not give away my power away to fear” – “I choose to hold a space” – “and I choose to align my energy in the Enlightened Being Grid of Oneness, Unity and Love.”


A. When you choose to align with the Mass Consciousness grid you will experience the lower vibrations of Victimization, Fear, Anger, Depression, helplessness and hopelessness.

It’s a very DIS-EMPOWERING feeling.

B. When you choose to align with the Enlightened Being Grid you will be able to watch events unfold – but from a place of EMPOWERMENT – less empathic sensitivity and from a place of consciousness.

This perspective allows you to be a part of the world without having to fully experience all of its lower vibrations in your fields.

Again, we cast no judgement either way, we only bring this to your awareness so you recognize that you have a choice.

For the more we can love ourselves the more we can love the world. ❤

Welcome To The Shift!


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