How ‘Shift’ Can Affect You

During deep Re-patterning where you are literally dissolving old belief systems and bringing in new ones there is a process of lifting up and out that happens.

It’s like uprooting a plant from one of your gardening beds and re-planting it somewhere entirely different. The plant can go into shock from this removal because it doesn’t know where it is or how to reground itself.

The same can happen to you Energetically. When these energy shifts ‘uproot’ you – you will find yourself in a different energetic state. The ‘uprooting’ process can leave you feeling, lost, disconnected, unable to figure out where you are or where you’re going.

This is not a fun state. 😦

Physically, your body can go into states of aches, pains, joint aches, headaches and other ailments as it starts to re-calibrate where it’s going as well.

Emotionally, You can start to feel fatigue, spacey, have random emotional outbursts, fits of anger, frustration and feel alone.

Mentally, all the OLD patternered behaviors start to surface into your fields. These are the thought forms that are leaving – you can recognize them easily because they take you down into the states of fear, isolation, disconnection, rejection, abandonment and victim.

HOWEVER, it helps to recognize that when you go into the ‘mental zone’ to make sure that you identify these thoughts and behaviors as “leaving.”

They are not ‘coming in’ but leaving or going out and up to the heart of source for transformation to hopefully never to return with that intensity. 🙂

So, for my sensitive peeps, as you move through the density of the what we call the ‘clearing’ (the lifting of these energies up and out of your fields) we invite you to be consciously aware that the pieces that are coming up are actually MOVING OUT.

That change in perception will help you keep your marbles in tack for a bit and make the shift a bit easier to deal with.

Much Love,


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