Do you have a Mind-Set Issue?

Are you a practioner or business owner who feels weird about receiving money from your clients?

Well, today I’d like to explore your Mind-Set!

A Mind-Set is a state of belief systems that you function from. You were either taught them, acquired them or took on a belief system from someone else… like your parents.

So take a peek at my story below and see if you have Mind-Set issues.

In my experiences professionals in the holistic health practice, energy workers and even some coaches make up the majority of this category.

I know several practioners who serve clients on a daily basis and they’re still charging $35 for a 1 1/2 hour Reiki session! What???

The other thing I see are practioners discounting their pricing. When I ask “Why do you discount you session fees?” The answer I sometimes hear is “They’re a little high and people can’t pay me what I’m asking for.”

Sound familiar?

It does to me…. when I started out I was doing sessions for FREE – yes FREE and I still wasn’t able to fill my practice! LOL.

I then thought – well, maybe I need to charge for my session to get clients to think that I’m serious here… So I started charging $35 for session (like these other practioners) and still NO ONE came.

What’s a girl to do?

So, I did what most practioners do – we look internally. We examine our energy, do healing on ourselves, shift vibrations, clear past lives, vows of poverty, contracts etc…

Did it help? …. a little.

I was able to get to the point where people would either exchange a service (energy exchange) or pay me between $25 and $30 dollars for a 1 1/2 hour session. Definitely an improvement over ZERO but this isn’t where I wanted to be.

So, WHY is this?

Ladies and Gentlemen… this is a mind-set issue.

It’s a Subconscious block lodged in your inner depths… you may not even know you have it… I certainly didn’t. If I had, I would have sought out mind-set intervention right away!

PLUS I had no indication that there was a block aside from the lack of money coming in. I manifested everyday, did energy work to removes all kinds of stuff – but it wasn’t in my energy – it was in my head (so-to-speak.)

So I started doing Subconscious work and started identifying where the blocks were and started re-patterning my thought processes.


The majority of Mind-Set issues I was facing weren’t even MINE! That’s right… they belonged to my parents, ancestors and even found some spiritual pieces that I wasn’t able to uncover.

You see, when you’re young, you are taught how the world works… but what if your teachers have a mind-set of lack? Then you will grow up with a mind-set of lack.

I’ve told this story before but once I was able to SEE where the blocks were and who they belonged to (and to be fair some were mine, too) I started re-patterning them…. the end result?

My practice TOOK OFF!

I was no longer charging $35 – I raised my rates and now here I am doing what I love to do and getting paid for it.

Do you have Mind-Set issues when it comes to receiving money for your services?

Let’s find out:

When your sessions are complete and it’s time to receive payment… Do you…

  • Feel constricted at the end of the session because you have to approach the subject of payment?
  • Have a nervous pit in your stomach when you have to actually say the amount of your fee?
  • Feel awkward as they write out the check in front of you?
  • Want to discount your rates because you think it’s too much?
  • Give them your REAL price and then feel bad and offer them a discounted rate?
  • Feel Guilty about taking the check or charging the credit card?
  • Wonder WHY anyone would pay you this amount for this service?
  • Feel as if you’ll never see that client again because you charge too much?
  • Offer them a discount on their next service with you so they return?

These are all Mind-Set issues.

Subconscious Ego blocks that whisper in your ear things like “Don’t take that money all you did was wave your hands over them for an hour.” “You can’t charge that much – who would pay that?” etc….

All of these thoughts stem from mis-alignments to some of the following vibrations:

  • Self-Worth
  • Self-Value
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Doubt
  • Insecurity
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Lack
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Not being fully in your power
  • Not feeling Good enough
  • Not talented enough
  • Not Intuitive Enough etc……..

Take a moment and think about how you’d like your practice/business to look like, how much money you’d like to be making, who you’d like to be working with etc… and if you find that you resonate with anything I’ve said above, then you, my friend, have a Mind-Set issue.

Get in touch  with us and let’s clear some of that!

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