Cords. Are You Hooked?

Energetic Cords – Are you hooked?

Who’s cording you?

Anyone can energetically cord you and what’s not so widely discussed is how YOU energetically cord others.

There’s a lot of information in the spiritual community about Energetic Cords – of course – I’m going to take you down our Essence|Mastery version. 😉

Energetic cords are literally just that – energy cords that extend from you to another or vise versa.

Imagine for a moment a cord of energy that leaves your energy body or chakra, extends to another person and hooks into their energy body or fields.

(I know it already sounds yucky already, right?)

Well what happens here is that the other person (or you) will start to drain energy from this cord as if you were siphoning gas from another’s gas tank.

In fact, that’s kind of what you’re doing – but instead of getting gas – your siphoning off someone else’s life force energy.

To quote Rumplestiltskin from one of my Guilty Pleasure Television shows, Once Upon A Time:

“Every deal comes with a price, dearie.” 😉

Energetic Cords are no different.

You see, the first rule of all things, is that on some level you are ALLOWING this other person to cord you… and if you’re the one who’s cording another – then they’re are allowing you to cord them.

When this cording processes begins you can start to feel and take on emotions that don’t belong to you.

We call this Empathic sensitivity.

(You can read my other blog on this by clicking here:

When you become empathically reactive to another you can feel all of their lessons, tasks and karma and come to think that these pieces belong to you.

The good news is, is that you can always UN-cord from someone or RECALL your cords that you’ve been extending out.

The latter is VERY important.

Most people like to think that these things are only happening to them and don’t realize that you’re doing the same thing without realizing it.

In all truth we don’t consciously know what our energy is doing at all times and with everyone – until you start to feel the wonk!

So, how to take care of these energetic pieces?

Well, anyone can clear cords – but to get them really clean and clear so that the spiritual lessons are activated, the contracts are dissolved and resolve all those other “Soul issues” is not the job of an amateur.

You see, if they’re not done correctly those cord can and will return – maybe not with that particular person – but later on you will find yourself embroiled in a similar lesson with someone else.

There are many factors to consider when removing cords.

  1. We allow other people to cord us for specific reasons and lessons.
  1. If you remove a cord without the realization of what you’re trying to learn – 1 of 2 things can occur.
  1. You will find another person to cord you so you can complete the same lesson. Or
  2. That particular cord will not release because your contracted to learn this lesson with this other person until that lesson is activated.
  1. Other factors to consider:

*Do you have Soul fragments that belong to this other person?

*Are you taking Energetic Responsibility for this other person?

*Are you contracted (Soul contracts) to work with this person around these or other issues?

*Have you activated the spiritual lessons around this work?

*Have you released any past or present lifetime traumas around these cords?

*Have you taken any of this other persons Soul wisdom, gifts or mastery? (Ow! That one hurts!)

These are just a few things that can arise when you’re dealing with energetic cords.

To ensure that attachments are Cleanly cut and severed it’s always a good idea to make sure to have them looked at by someone who knows what they’re doing or at least make sure you cover all your energetic bases.

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