Mercury Retrograde – Awareness Tips

Hello My Soul Shifting Friend!

We are currently in the Shadow of Phase of Mercury Retrograde.

For most of you that means nothing. LOL

So, we decided that we would talk a bit about it here.

The Shadow Phase of any astrological shift is kind of like a “preview” of things to come.

When Mercury Goes Retrograde it offers us 2 things.

  1. A chance to unearth old issues and bring them up for clearing.
  1. A time in which motivation and inspired ideas all come flooding to the forefront.

These are the positive aspects of a MR (Mercury Retrograde.)

Some of the challenging aspects include:

  1. Miscommunication:

Mis-interpreting messages, meanings and intentions. Missed emails, unreturned calls or issues with your webinar connections or cell phones.

  1. Electronic disturbances:

Along with the wonk listed about you might find things like your appliances conking out, your car breaking down, your microwave explodes or other electronics just not working properly.

One year, I replaced a dishwasher, washing machine and microwave within 3 weeks!

  1. Travel and Contracts:

There are some who would say, “don’t travel” and ‘don’t sign” big contracts when MR is here.

That makes life a little cumbersome and somewhat dis-empowering.

I would advise you that if you’re travelling or making a big purchase during MR – that you just “triple check” things and make sure you actually READ the contracts you’re signing.


One time I was holding a webinar and live call with over 30 people on the line and it was right smack in the middle of MR.

All I saw all over Facebook were MR WARNING signs!

Everyone turning over all their power to this astrological event. So, I decided to do something different.

Instead of going into FEAR, I used my skills to my advantage and empowered myself during this situation.

I Called forth the Consciousness of Mercury, at the level of his Higher Self, and asked for his alliance for the 1 hour I needed for things to go smoothly.

I had a little personal conversation with him saying things like

“Hey, look, this is really important to me and I would really appreciate it if you could support me – by giving me a ‘wonk’ reprieve, Just for 1 hour during my webinar.

Couldn’t hurt, right?

Can you guess what happened?


That’s right NOTHING happened during my webinar. In fact, it was one of my best webinars ever.

At first, I thought… well, maybe I was just making it up.

…But when I returned to Facebook that day – there were a zillion posts about how other people were getting crushed on their calls and webinars.

Phones cutting out.

Webinar Cameras not working.

Recordings – not Recording. etc.

So, this month as we move into MR, We invite you to move into it with the stance of Empowerment.

You are in control of your reality and although MR, might kick you in the back of the head like a donkey, take the point of view of excitement.


“Yeah, Baby! We’re clearing that sucker right outta here!”


Be Patient with others.

Some people are completely unaware that they’re being affected by the MR energy.

They will grow short- tempered, angry and irritable.

…But it’s not their fault.

They are still asleep, and so as beings who are awake, it’s our job to hold compassion for those who working on awakening.

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