A Self-Acceptance Exercise

Judgement is such a complicated vibration because it’s so entrenched in our ego & personality.

Even when we’re at lunch with a friend or at a public event you can’t help but to notice people then cast some type of judgement on them. “oh, she looks _____” or “I don’t like her attitude” or “Can you believe what she just said about_____”

I have to admit sometimes it’s really hard to stay neutral and Practice Compassion. (<<see my blog on what that looks like) but sometimes the most difficult part is realizing that the majority of the time we’re not really passing judgment on THEM but rather judging OURSELVES.  *sigh, I know*

So here’s an Exercise to try (if it resonates):

Just for today, be conscious of every judgement you catch yourself making – whether it on yourself or others – whether it be negative or positive – and then try the following:

  1. Actually Catch yourself making the judgement. This is the BIGGEST step it could sound like “Whoops, I went right into judgement on that one”
  2. Take that moment, pause and see if you can’t find the vibration you were judging. Ie. Insecurity, fear, anger, low self-esteem etc.
  3. Acknowledge whatever the feeling was. (THIS IS THE HUGE PART) Acknowledgement allows for the release – if you don’t acknowledge it – then you’re in Denial. Denial can not shift because you’re telling yourself that you’re not doing it.
  4. Really tap into the FEELINGS of step 3 and ask your Soul, God, Goddess (whatever) to help you release those feelings.
  5. Allow for the release. Feel into what else comes up (because more will follow) but just ACKNOWLEDGE those too and ask that they be released as well.
  6. Be all right with where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing in the world because whatever it is – it’s important – and we need it. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here ❤

You might find yourself doing it a couple of times a day 😉 and in truth, it’s really not about reprimanding yourself for stepping into judgement but rather about bringing in more LOVE for yourself.

The vibrations of Anger, Fear, Jealously, Guilt and Shame – plus others – only serves to keep you stuck, unhappy and in the vibrations of lack.


Your Soul has bigger plans for you. 😉


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