An “Orca” Card Reading with Whale tones

I Think we need a card of guidance today. What do you think?

YES? Excellent!

Here we go:



THE MESSAGE: The Akashic Libraries Open.

(paraphrased by moi 😉 )

Orca’s, and Most Whales, are the record keepers of the planet. They carry great information of where we started as HU-man beings and how we’ve grown and evolved here on the planet.

They travel the world’s oceans and use their song to help clear & awaken the energy grids of Earth’s galactic history.

The whales are a key to unlocking the mysteries of the planet’s history including the times of Lemuria and Atlantis and some off-planet origins for some life that resides here.

When this card comes up you are being given a strong message that you are the keeper of galactic mysteries and you have a strong star-person connection. Starpeople are connected to the growing need to connect to the galactic web, which we are a vital part of.

It’s time to take yourself outside and stare up into the night sky (this will resonate if you’re a star-seed – it’s that feeling of being at home in the blanket of stars above you – a sense of calling – or homesickness)

For those of you who resonate with this card – Listening to the song of whales or simply a recording of whales will help heal any physical ailments, seal and repair any woulds or tears in your energy fields and return you to the parts of your soul that you ay be unaware you are missing!

You may listen to the following whale tones as you surf the internet today 🙂 Enjoy!

Please feel free to share so that others who might need this healing can receive it ❤


Cards by: Lucy Cavendish – Oracle of the Shapeshifters

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