Physical Signs that you’re increasing your Vibration

Mandala-gold-foil-trans-with-stroke (1)With the big shifts in energy you might start to feel some changes in your mental, emotional or physical bodies.

As your Soul, raises its light quotient and increases your vibration, there are times when it surpasses where the Physical Body is, in its evolution. Therefore, the Physical Body needs to do a “catch up.”

The process of the body “catching up” with the increased amount of light/vibration can sometimes result in physical symptoms/discomforts such as:

  • -Headaches
  • -Runny Nose
  • -Sinus issues
  • -Chakra recalibration
  • -Increase in Body temp (sweats)
  • -Chills
  • -Fatigue
  • -Feeling surges of “electric” type energy running throughout your body
  • -Shots of energy through arms, legs or other extremities
  • -Feeling energy tingle all over all your body or in your cells
  • -Back aches or other back issues that either show up or get reactivated

-Mental/Emotional mood shifts/swings …..there are other but these are just a few to check in with.

During these times of “catch up” be very gentle with yourself. It can be very uncomfortable for about 3-4 days so take good care of yourself.

  • Rest when you can
  • Avoid  things that are taxing on your mental/emotional states
  • Go to sleep earlier than usual
  • Support your body with high frequency foods such as fruit or vegetable juices (fresh ones not store-bought ones 😉
  • Ground

Make sure you try to stay grounded as best as possible.

Luckily, these pieces will eventually pass as the body starts to stabilize but it’s always good to affirm something like: “I am in the process of expanding my Body’s ability to hold greater light”

As opposed to the traditional thought form of: “I’m sick.” You don’t want to manifest something entirely different. 😉

Want more interventions? Read my other Blog on How To Counter Act an Energetic Detox HERE! 


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