Moon Energy Transmission

Transitional Moon Energy

Last week we hit some bumpy energy and were told that there would be more coming… So when I asked the Essence|Mastery Guides What’s S’up?

They told me this:

“Moon energy is all about change in the way you perceive things. It also affects the mental and emotional fields causing you to feel highly irritable, short-tempered and fatigued.

This “moon-trine” (when there are 3 astrological events happening during a moon transition) is what we would call a clearing, purging and re-evaluation of how you are doing and being on the planet.

It has potent and potential energy to help you create great shifts in your life by ruling out the (self-imposed) negative lower vibrating energies that have influenced the way you perceive yourself and others.

For those who aren’t “Aware/Awake” it will manifest as a difficult time of adjustment.”

E|M Guides

OF COURSE…. this sounded VERY uncomfortable to me. ;)

…And as most of you know… I don’t like giving out information without offering a tip or some other tool.

So today, we decided to bring in an Infusion Of Light (A Signed Light Language Transmission) around Transitions during the moon energy.



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