Light Language Transmission from the Pillars of Creation


This is something new and different. As I was scrolling through facebook today I came upon this article about the Pillars of Creation. (Photo Below)

hst_m16_25th_1440.jpg.CROP.original-originalNot only did this photo strike me with awe….BUT it also struck me with Energy! The entire room started to go all swirly -whirly.

So, I sat down in meditation to see what was up!

It seems not only did the Nebula of The pillars of Creation stop by to say ‘hi’ but they also had a Message and a Transmission that they wanted to share.

How weird is that, right?

That’s like NE-VAH happened to me before in such a direct way.

Needless to say… I wrote down the message and then brought in the transmission via ‘signed’ Light Language.

Now bare with me…. this is a NEW one for me.

It’s Even a bit ‘OUT THERE’ by my own measures.

I’m not sure I got it all – or got it all right – but it is what it is 🙂

The Message:

The time for Dimensional shifting from ‘What you are’ to ‘Who you are’ has come upon you.

You are not the lower vibrational states that you believe, but rather energy made of stardust and love – Creators of the New Universe!

Light Beings from all Dimensions have come forth now to watch your progress. Now is the time to remember yourselves and to be joined together in love with your Cosmic brothers and sisters.

Today is the final arriving of you – the blueprints of humanity – and the hope that it serves you well.

In the coming days ahead you will integrate and shift, the energy of darkness into the light of the heavens.

With much love,

Your Cosmic Family in the Nebula of the Pillars of Creation.

More on this Nebula can be found here at

WATCH THE TRANSMISSION BELOW (don’t mind my lounge wear – I didn’t have time to change 😉 )


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