Natural Interventions For Throat, Cold or Allergies

Seems as if the intense ‘releasing’ energy over the last couple of weeks has stirred up some really deep pieces around the throat ID-10074546chakra. You might be suddenly developing a sore throat, laryngitis or allergies.

Some of these pieces can definitely be ‘moved on’ a bit more quickly with energy work, but it’s always good to support the body – since it’s a more dense third dimensional being.

We like to use honey for the throat. Yes, you can swirl it around in your tea or coffee cup, but used like medicine, it can have  a more potent effect.

This will also assist will allergies as well. (adding a bit of Saigon Cinnamon will boost it’s effects.) Just dig into it  (use raw honey) with your spoon and take a teaspoon 1-2 times a day. YUM!

Like Essential oils?

Try a hot steam of lavender and eucalyptus! Simple fill a bowl with 3 drops of each oil, really hot water, and put your face over it and a towel over your entire head. Breathe in the steam for about 10-15 minutes.

Want to prevent illness?

Thieves is my favorite go-to oil and it’s smells like christmas! 🙂 Win-Win!

Hope this tips and tricks were helpful. Remember, any manifestation of pain is the body’s indicator to you to be more aware and conscious of what it is you’re creating and experiencing in your outer world.

Thank the body for this ‘notification.’

Then take back the responsibility you’ve given to the body for showing it to you. Now just simply support the body, take care of it, so it can recover and just allow for the release.



**Elizabeth is not a licensed medical professional and the above tips and interventions are for complimentary use of any treatments you’re undergoing. If you have severe symptoms and discomfort – you should seek the assistance of a professional for treatment.

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