What You Need To Know This Mercury In Retrograde

An Interactive Card Reading – grab a pen and paper!

Although, this card reading was pre-recorded at another date and time you may find that the message for anytime you across it, during Mercury Retrograde, may still be valuable to you.

Pick some, watch and find out. 🙂

You can do this One of Three ways.

1. Pick ONE card for a simple reading.

2. Pick THREE Cards:

Card 1 Represents the theme or the subject spirit would like to talk to you about.

Card 2 Represents more information about that theme that you need to know.

Card 3 Represents the outcome or additional guidance.

3. Pick FIVE Cards:

Card 1 Represents your Theme.

Card 2 Represents how you’re looking at your situation.

Card 3 Represents something you can’t see right now that’s happening.

Card 4 Represents Advice from Spirit.

Card 5 Is the Outcome – should follow the advice given in cards 1-4.


Tell us how you made out and be an agent of service and share with your friends!



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