What Do You Need To Know Right Now?

Hello Friends!

Everyone LOVES a card reading! So, today I have decided to give everyone a Reading of their own!

Pay close attention now… 

You can do this One of Three ways.

1. Pick ONE card for a simple reading.

2. Pick THREE Cards:

Card 1 Represents the theme or the subject spirit would like to talk to you about.

Card 2 Represents more information about that theme that you need to know.

Card 3 Represents the outcome or additional guidance.

3. Pick FIVE Cards:

Card 1 Represents your Theme.

Card 2 Represents how you’re looking at your situation.

Card 3 Represents something you can’t see right now that’s happening.

Card 4 Represents Advice from Spirit.

Card 5 Is the Outcome – should follow the advice given in cards 1-4. 


Pick you Card (s) then scroll to the bottom to read them!



Now Line Up Your Cards and Get Ready to Read them…

Front Photos are at the bottom of this page.

Card 1 – The Teacher

Ascended Master deck by Doreen Virtue

“You’ve learned A lot from your experiences and relationships, and now it’s time to pass that knowledge along to others. Your current situation is bringing you opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching me some important life lessons. As soon as you understand it except these lessons, old patterns will drop away and be replaced by wonderful new experiences.”

Card 2 – Bondage

Wisdom of the Golden Path deck by Toni Carmine Salerno

“If you feel trapped it is because you have in someway created your own bondage. You’re a beautiful soul, full of great wisdom, compassion and love. It is time to free yourself from the guilt of negative thoughts that keep you prisoner. Allow the sacred rhythm of life to flow through you. You can do and be anything you want and go anywhere you want. Stop focusing on the negative and you will see the positive side. Your mental attitude can make things seem good or bad and what you think, you’ve become. Everything is a matter of perception. To free yourself of these negative thoughts and beliefs the first just need to become aware of them. Every time you catch yourself having a negative thought, stopping consciously replace that thought with a loving and positive thought.  Do those and eventually the pattern will be broken and you will be free. (see my blog titled Changing Your Energy With Affirmations for directions on how to do this)

Card 3 – The Raven

Wisdom of of Avalon oracle cards-deck by Colette Baron Reid

“When the Raven appears, it’s a sign of magic, or coincidence and divine synchronicity bring surprising elements together. The Raven remind you that on the path to wholeness, the magic of Avalon appears in all things become possible. As the reason to help you be aware of synchronicity in your life and to see how the god/goddess works anonymously on your path. If you feel hopeless or loss, you may need reminding that this kind of magic occurs in your daily life.  Even if you can’t see it, trust it to bring joy, understanding, and fulfillment to your life no matter what the present circumstances appear to be. Remember the reason says: “believe in magic and you cannot help but see it. Magic lives within the belief itself! Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed.”

Card 3 – Carnivorous flower fairy 

Oracles of shadows and lights deck by Lucy Cavendish

“You may observe someone speaking cruelly about others, sending out toxic energy, seeming to feel extremely “entitled” to money, fame, life force, and attention but unable to create their own. They treat themselves rather like royalty, and act as if others are servants whose purpose is to fulfill their wishes. They can be charming and cutting, because they do want you to do something for them! They spend much of their time trying to feed off others and if you deny them as they become very angry. Narcissistic, they see you as a source for them: A way of getting something. This is sad, but even sadder if you allow yourself to be their victim. This could indicate either person, or a workplace, or a belief system that is demanding, all-consuming, and almost cult-like it it’s practices and ethics. Whatever and whomever the carnivorous flower fairy represents, it is a dangerous alliance to contemplate. Do not get too close. Observe and learn, if you must. Do not become an experiment. They will bite you and then they will try to take from you. It is their very nature.

Card 5 -The Poised Heart

The Healing hearts of nature-deck by Elizabeth Pfeiffer

“You’re safely out of harms way, gently placed above the sharp rocks and racing water. You’re invited to use this time as a respite, to ready yourself for your next step or to increase your spiritual awareness and or practice. During this time, it is important to remember that you’re always divinely guided and divinely protected at all times. Increase your trust and faith and ready yourself for your next adventure.”

card 2


SO…. Tell us! Did you like this reading? Was it helpful? Do you want to see more?

Leave a comment in the box below a let us know!

Until then…

We’re wishing you Love, Healing and Joy! 

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