Changing Your Energy With Affirmations

So a really good question came up in our High Conscious Success Mastermind group this week and it was around the use of affirmations.

As I discussed in my other blog “Why changing your thoughts isn’t so easy” we talked about how you really need to feel into the affirmation you’re using in order to see tangible change.

Today, we’re going to discuss using affirmations to change your energy.

You see, when you put something out into the Universe that is negative I.E. “I don’t have enough money” you are creating the very thing you’re thinking. (Not enough money)

The idea behind affirmations is to change the energy of what you’re putting out by becoming AWARE of what you’re doing and changing the energy behind it.

awarenessSo instead of affirming that you don’t have enough money – we are inviting you to CATCH YOURSELF when you say this. STOP. Be AWARE of what you just did – CANCEL CLEAR IT – simply by telling the universe you are canceling and clearing that thought form and CHANGING THE ENERGY around it by re-affirming with something like “There is always enough.”

Now you may not FEEL as if there’s always enough when you change the energy around but if you do this enough times and become aware that you’re doing it, then you will eventually STOP creating lack and start ALLOWING the universe to show you just how truly abundant you really are.

Top that with the vibrations…. Read More Here



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