Mala Prayer Practice

Many different cultures have their own way doing things and I enjoy checking them out and seeing how I can or can’t incorporate them into my own practice.

So, while shopping on Ebay from some obscure item I came across the Mala!  These are Buddhist prayer beads very similar to Catholics Rosary beads.

I immediately fell in love with the mala and bought one as an accessory for clothes. It’s beauty and simplicity are both casual and free and they can be found  fairly inexpensively.

In doing some research on the beads each aspect of the Mala has a meaning. For example, the type of wood that they use has a meaning as well as the type of stones used to separate each section also has a metaphysical meaning.

In traditional Buddhist practice there is a 30 day prayer ritual they use to infuse your energy into the Mala. Quite frankly, I don’t subscribe to tradition but if you do and would like to read about it CLICK HERE.

So, Why bring this up if you’re not going to follow the rules on how to use the Mala?

Great question!

I don’t feel that there is any right or wrong way to do anything when it comes to spirituality so I came up with a practice that suits me. It brings me peace, calm and centeredness and as long as it works – it’s good for me.

I invite you to try it out for yourself and see if it works for you….


1. Catholics – break out you rosary! Buddhists – your Mala’s!  Don’t subscribe to a particular religion? No worries – find something you like that you can use as a counter.

2. Sit quietly and think about ONE thing you’d like to create in your life that you’ve been having trouble in making manifest!

3. Identify the “Trouble” – I.E.  Lack, Fear, Anger etc…

Are you dealing with a physical symptom you’d like to change?  Visit this blog for a list of some of  the meaning of physical symptoms based on Louise Hay’s Book, You Can Heal Your Life. (I would consider buying the book just for the list of symptoms.) So, now identify the  symptom you’re having.

Let’s pick an example….  ANXIETY =  Not trusting the flow and the process of life.

4. Now that you have what it is you’d like to change. Create your own personalized affirmation. So let’s use Anxiety above. An affirmation for that could be:

A. I trust the flow and process of life.

B. I am, here and now, and trust in the process and flow of life.

C.  I trust the Divine Essence of my own light and flow through life with ease and grace.

Let’s try another:

Let’s use the Vibration of Lack. What’s the opposite of Lack? Abundance.  Your possible Affirmation:

A. Within my own essence I AM completely Abundant.

B. I am completely Abundant and Supported by the Divine.

C. I am internally Abundant and completely supported by Spirit.

One more

Sadness/Depression = Happiness and connection

A. I am in full connection with my source and am eternally happy.

B. I am worth being Happy and connected to the Divine.

C. I am always in constant connection with the Divine who loves me.


Get the Gist?

5. Break out your Mala, Beads, Counter etc…

6. I like to do this before bed while my mind is starting to wind down but you can use it at anytime you feel like it.

–  Start at the Biggest section of the Mala. This is what I call the Intention spot. Here is where you set your intention for your affirmation.

– Take a moment to FIND the Genuine emotion of your Intention. The real vibration that you can align with. (See Step 4)

7. Now you will start with the first bead and go around your Mala, Rosary, Counter whatever you have to use.

When I’m in a pinch I’ll use a beaded necklace I have made of gemstones. It doesn’t matter WHAT you use – you’re going to fill it with positive vibrations and make it yours!

8. Now go around you Mala and say you intention until you get back to the large bead point. ONE intention at a time. So if we used all the examples above you would go around your Mala THREE times.

Make sure you take your time with this and FEEL into each sentence as you say it. It does make a difference.

Yes, this can be time-consuming which is why I do it before bed. 

9. Simply end with a note of gratitude and move on with your day or go to bed 😉

10. Try it for as many days as you can muster in a row to really build up the power of your intentions!  

You can invite your Team, Guides and Angels to hold vigil as you set and verbalize your intentions but more importantly – There are no rules to this – in fact, I invite you to make up your own rules and see what works for you!

I hope you found this helpful ❤


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