Why Changing Your Thoughts Isn’t So Easy…

Principal Two in the Shifting Into Higher Consciousness Immersion Training  is…

Your Internal World Creates Your Outer Reality

When I first read that I was like “yeah, I’ve heard that before… BUT…” and that’s where most Metaphysical Principals seems to lose their luster.

I want to know the HOW’S – Don’t just tell me “It’s this way” SHOW ME how to get there.

Show me HOW to:

  • Change My thoughts
  • Not get wrapped up in someone else’s junk
  • Create my Outer Reality
  • Move from a Deep depressive state and into Joy
  • Identify that these thoughts aren’t mine
  • ….and many more that I’m sure you’ve come across yourself…. Am I right?

Most Metaphysical Programs neglect to give you the HOW – and over and over again – I keep hearing things like:

  • “Just change your thoughts”
  • “Think of something happy”
  • “Embrace Gratitude”
  • “Know that the Universe lives within you”
  • “Don’t pay attention to it – it’s just an illusion” etc…

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Over years and years of human development, the EGO has become a more educated and slippery character and has learned how to keep us in the prison of our own minds.

Many of these “thoughts” it feeds us are fully embedded belief systems that come from childhood, from your parents, from past lives etc… and are very difficult to shift with a simple…

“I’ll think about ice cream instead”

You might even have tried affirmations – they seem to help some people – and yet they don’t work for everyone.  Why? Because the trick in working with affirmations is that YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU’RE SAYING – LOL.

Yes, your energy has to match the vibrations of what you’re saying – you have to really FEEL into what it is your affirming and if you’re depressed or just feel abandoned, alone or like a victim…. a fluffy affirmation, that you don’t really believe,  isn’t going to re-set your mind. (Been there. Done that.)

What I love about the SI2HC Program is that we have TOOLS!  

  • We know HOW to identify who’s funky thoughts we might be feeling.
  • We have the HOW to release that funky energy.
  • We know HOW to identify what thoughts are OURs.
  • We have the HOW to shift our own vibrations so we can bring in those higher vibrating thoughts so that our energy internally can now REFLECT the vibrations we want them to.

…….. and what is the side effect of a more calm, peaceful, abundant Internal World???

You guessed it…. A more calm, peaceful, abundant OUTER one.


This is a sneak peek video of my Super Hero Training that explains Principal Two and offers you a process to shift the vibrations of Respect into greater alignment.

Principal Two – Your Internal World Creates Your Outer Reality

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