Do you seek Validation from others?

Validation is defined as….

“To validate is to prove that something is based on truth or fact, or is acceptable. It can also mean to make something, like a contract, legal..”

The Validation of others – makes you feel as if you’re smart, have value, worth and their approval seals in the deal.

Here’s the problem with external validation….

1. You place your energetic reference points for your own value, worth and ability to do something on someone else’s perspective. We do this especially with people we admire, teachers, gurus etc…

2. When you do this it is dis-empowering and thus you have energetically given away your own personal power and placed it in the energy fields of that person.

3. The next time you don’t receive that validation or appreciation you will go into Victim mode. “What’s wrong with me?” “Why didn’t they say anything?” “I didn’t feel very appreciated for my work” etc….

4. Step three leads to step four which is judgement – of yourself, others and the person you gave your power away to.

5. Empathic sensitivity will then ensue – PLUS a backlash of energetic vibrations of personal responsibility experiences of how you’re NOT validated, NOT worthy, and ARE the victim.

6. Principal Two in the SI2HC program is Your internal world creates your outer reality – what you’re not holding internally will be reflected to you externally so you can identify it. (No, it’s not going to feel good.)

7. You’re giving that person the responsibility for Validating you – that’s YOUR job.

How do you counter act this?

Remember inside you is THE GURU!

The only person/energy that you need to validate, give value to or have worth for is YOU.

In truth NO ONE can do this for you.

People don’t like to take on energetic responsibility for others – in fact that becomes – energetically messy! Very messy!

I invite you to hold all of your energy for your power, your value, self-validation and your self-worth & self-confidence internally on your own Divine Line.

Increase your levels of self-love, self-worth and self-value, but most of all, be AWARE of when you’re energetically asking someone to be responsible for validating you and bring it back.. along with your power.



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.24.29 AM







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